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Fake It 'Til You Make It with These 5 Luxe Rental Startups


Have you had that "pinch-me' moment? That moment where you find yourself sitting in a room negotiating a deal you'd previously only dreamed of? Chances are you have – and that the way you're running your hasn't caught up with your client list.

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A new spate of rental businesses make luxe available just when you need it. An up and comer-like yourself can borrow the designer duds for a last minute gala or even fly private – with true privacy that jet trips provide before that critical off-site meeting. Take a look at your options and take note – you might need to rent the high life sooner than you think.

Private Jets.

New companies are democratizing flying private, renting out empty seats or even pairing up groups going to the same locale. Jets help you sidestep the security line, make unusual itineraries more convenient and allow you and your team to work in private without an entire plane of people being privy to your planning.
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You might not be the nautical type, but your new partner is, and he's asked you to plan a special trip. Sailo, which launched this fall, currently has a stable of 350 boats in marinas in New York and Florida available for peer-to-peer lending.
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Those who know luxury, know names like Audemars Piguet and Breguet. Show you're an insider with this watch startup Eleven James which allows members to rent three watches across the year, a new one every four months, beginning at $149 a month. Rentals and referrals earn you points you can convert into money to purchase a watch of your own.
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If you love fashion but don't want to break the bank for that special event or a pitch meeting with a high-rolling potential investor, you can look to companies like Rent the Runway or Lending Luxury to look the part and make covetable designer clothes and accessories yours for the moment that you want to really stand out.
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If you're an early adopter, but aren't sure you want to plunk down the cash for the latest tech, try before you buy with Lumoid – a startup that lets consumers get high end cameras, wearable tech, even drones delivered right to their door. You can see first-hand if the tech is a fit for you or your business and even rent to own.
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