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How to Make Sure You Really Know Potential Hires Before They Join Your Company

Hiring new team members is an investment. Here's how you can be sure the process is worth the time and effort.

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Compatibility within teams can have a huge influence on how people perform in the workplace. A survey by CIPD found that differences in personality and styles of working are the biggest contributors to workplace conflicts. These conflicts have a negative effect on productivity, hindering a group's ability to meet goals and benchmarks.

The interview process is an opportunity for you to meet with potential candidates and see whether or not they fit within your company. It's a chance for you to gauge whether someone has competencies and skills that will add to your workplace culture and support the of the organization as a whole.

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It's hard to know people after a few interviews

Interviews are essential for getting to know the people who will be working with you. However, it's difficult to really know someone after one interview. Even several rounds of interviews won't give you the full picture of how someone works under stress, collaborates with others or takes initiative on projects.

People will, understandably, put their best foot forward during the interview process because this is their chance to showcase their abilities and make a good first impression. However, after working day after day and facing regular stress and challenges on the job, they might not look the same as they did during their first meeting with you. It's hard to really see someone's working style after only a couple of conversations.

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So, take your time

Employers and job applicants can feel pressured to speed up the hiring process. Recruiters might want to fill roles quickly so operations aren't stalled. Job applicants might feel the need to jump on their first offer because they need a paycheck and a title.

Both parties might also fear that another employer or candidate will come along to snatch away their opportunity. People might assume the market is full of candidates and roles, and they'll feel the need to grab an offer or applicant before a rival does.

But, when you dart through the process, you miss out on really getting to know job seekers and assessing whether or not they complement your teams.

Start by hiring on a contract basis

A great way to truly get to know workers and figure out whether they're suited for your workplace is to start them off on a contract basis. This allows you to see their skills in action. Just as people walk before running and date before getting married, recruiters should give candidates an opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities before being brought into a company full-time.

When you hire employees on a contract basis — and this period can be as long as it takes to really get to know them — you can give them projects and responsibilities. Then you can assess them and take the time to observe their talent and competencies.

This also gives the other parties an opportunity to see if your organization is a good match for them. They will have the chance to slowly integrate into your company culture and see whether they want to stay.

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The hiring process shouldn't be rushed. It's essential to be sure that you're bringing the right people on board. When you invest in your employees, it's going to cost you in the long run if you're not picking people who are a good fit.

When bringing in new workers on a contract basis, you can see for yourself how they perform in the role. If they're a good match, you can onboard them permanently with the confidence that they will add to the culture of your organization and fit within your teams.

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