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Patience Is the Secret to Boosting Your Profits

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It's no surprise that we live in a fast-paced society where most of us crave instant results and gratification. Consider your toe-tapping impatience when a web page takes several seconds to load instead of appearing instantly, or how your levels rise when the car in front of you doesn't budge when the traffic light turns from red to green.


Why are we all in such a big hurry?

Thanks to the rapid advancement of modern technology, we're becoming trained to expect instantaneous results, and are experiencing an increasing inability to tolerate discomfort. We want what we want, and we want it now.

is a form of control over our world, and this skill should be fostered. Learning to wait, without becoming anxious or annoyed, will help you be successful in all areas of your life.

By practicing patience, you will reap the following benefits.

Lower stress.

Being patient can greatly reduce the experience of stress in your life. When you begin to feel anxious, take a moment to observe what's going on around you. Take deep breaths and relax. Silently tell yourself, "It's time to reboot." Your mind may need to let go of any negativity and refocus on what's really important. You'll find that the more patient you become, the less stressed, angry, and overwhelmed you become.

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Easier decision making.

We've all had regrets over a hasty decision we've made in the past. Slow down as this allows you to gather more information and make rational decisions instead of off-the-cuff ones. Give yourself time to thoroughly assess any situation and work through the pros and cons before committing to a plan of action. Don't allow someone to rush you into making a quick decision without thinking it through thoroughly and completely.


If you easily become bored with a task or activity, you're not alone. While most of us like to multi-task and jump from one activity to the next, remember who won the race in Aesop's Fable, The Tortoise and the Hare. Patience fosters perseverance, which allows you to delve deeply into an activity and learn the skills necessary to complete the task. It also enables you to build a body of work in one genre, like acquiring a Ph.D., building a business franchise empire, or publishing a book. By persevering, you will accomplish those lofty goals you set for yourself and your business.

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Enhanced relationships.

Patience helps give us heightened tolerance and understanding of those in our worlds. We are able to forgive shortcomings and embrace differences, even for those traits of which we are not tolerant in our own selves. Instead of judging others, or losing your temper when things take a little longer than expected, fully engage in the interaction. Try this experiment: The next time you go to the grocery store, smile, be polite, and engage in conversation with the cashier. You'll feel good and you may be the only person who makes the cashier feel validated or important.

John Quincy Adams once said, "Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish." Changing your attitude, lowering your expectations, and taking time to live in the moment can reap unexpected rewards in all areas of your life.

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