We Asked, You Answered: 10 Workspaces That Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

We asked readers to submit pictures of their inspiring work places. Here, we pick 10 of the best.

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By Jason Fell

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Inspiration. It's something that compels you to do or create something.

Maybe it's the way the sun rises over the mountains within sight of your office window. It could be a simple note from a mentor or a friend. Perhaps it's a picture of loved one who encourages you to be better. Or maybe it's just some tchotchke in your office that reminds you of when you first started up.

Wherever it comes from, inspiration is the fuel that entrepreneurs operate on.

Not too long ago we asked you, our readers, to submit pictures of your inspiring workspaces. Using the hashtag #ENTatWork, you took to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and did just that.

We've sifted through all those great pictures and, quite unscientifically, selected 10 that stood out to us most -- in no particular order. Perhaps you'll find a little inspiration from the workspaces that help encourage some of our readers.

Pursuing the American Dream.

Submitted by: @1benjamindavid via Instagram

He says: #ENTatWork @EntMagazine couple of us mid-20-year old creative minds with our own office creative space. Full music recording studio, Photo studio with green screen, recording booth on the other side of the glass music studio, newly remodeled art gallery space in the back, and computer office room with 8+ different computers on board. American Dreams in the hallways. Our space here inspires & motivates every individual who steps foot in our think tank to their soul! The energy we have and this space gives out is so infectious!!! This is our life.

Words of encouragement.

Submitted by: Kalene Smith via Entrepreneur.com

She says: This is a picture of the mirror in my personal training studio where I get to help change the lives of many. I love helping people find confidence and happiness in themselves.

Kings of their own castle.

Submitted by: @ifbyphone via Twitter

They say: Our marketers think they're the kings of #marketing. So they turned their pod into a castle. #ENTatWork

The city calls.

Submitted by: Gym Realm via Facebook

They say: We love working on the terrace, enjoying the great city view [Sofia, Bulgaria] at night.

Lights, camera, start up!

Submitted by: @grantscharoff via Instagram

He says: Late lonely night at the office, writing about SMEs, with the only company of old movie characters...

Business mixes with pleasure.

Submitted by: @KatGoyette via Twitter

She says: #ENTatWork definitely get my best ideas and lock down deals on the chairlift

Inspiring future 'treps.

Submitted by: @LisaWare via Twitter

She says: I love coming to work in #TheSpace at Wofford College. Our #IdeaLab inspires me. The furniture in #TheSpace at Wofford can be reconfigured to fit any size work group. Inspiration for our students and for us! #ENTatWork

Finding inspiration by land and sea.

Submitted by: Global Speak Network Oil & Gas Translation Services via Entrepreneur.com

They say: I am inspired to recommend a business associate, Flor Dimassi, CEO of Global Speak Network Oil & Gas Language Translation Services in Houston, TX. Flor's office is where ever the global conversation is - an oil rig, manufacturing facility, and international legal deposition at the courthouse. Here, she has swapped her executive suit for a hard hat and steel toed boots. She is an inspirational Hispanic, Female, Entrepreneur, operating in what has traditionally been, a man's world.

Inspirational balance.

Submitted by: FurorModa via Entrepreneur.com

She says: A small fashion startup with big dreams. Always the perfect mix of business and fashion.

Seeking some fresh air.

Submitted by: Leigh Jolas via Instagram

She says: My husband and I recently built an outdoor patio on the back end of our home. We have enjoyed it so much that I have decided to keep a desk outside! I find that my most creative ideas and most impressive projects are produced when I am working in my garden-inspired space. When I am working outdoors, I truly enjoy the fresh fragrances from my patio herb garden and I am inspired by the clean aromas that come from all of the thriving plants that surround me. When I am here, I am at my best and most creative!!

Jason Fell

VP, Native Content

Jason Fell is the VP of Native Content, managing the Entrepreneur Partner Studio, which creates dynamic and compelling content for our partners. He previously served as Entrepreneur.com's managing editor and as the technology editor prior to that.

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