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What's on Entrepreneur TV This Week

Looking to level up your free time? Check out what's playing on Entrepreneur TV this week!


Looking to add some entrepreneurial entertainment to your day? We've got just the thing. Grab some popcorn and head over to Entrepreneur TV, and check out what's playing this week!

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, be sure to catch episodes of:

  • That Will Never Work
  • Action and Ambition
  • Mindvalley Talks
  • Cooking with Cohen

Got more time on your hands? Catch our featured film Mirage!

Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, level up your business with episodes of:

  • Elevator Pitch
  • Tech Talk Marathon

And in case you missed it yesterday, Mirage is BACK!

That Will Never Work:

Episode 111 - Cicero Learning, a business that helps families with the problem of global education access on a bespoke basis. It's an educational method referred to as "World Schooling," which has become a hot topic thanks to the pandemic when laptop-wielding parents realized that certain job types can now be done from literally anywhere in the world.

Action and Ambition:

Episode 111 - Andrew Medal chats with Aubrey Marcus about the inception of Onnit on Joe Rogan's podcast, where he derives his creativity and builds a mega millions dollar business.

Mindvalley Talks:

Episode 105 - The biggest lie we've ever been told or sold in our lives and businesses is that we have to be serious to succeed.

Cooking with Cohen:

Episode 103 - Tom Sandoval from Vanderpump Rules is here this week to show us some recipes from his new book, Fancy AF Cocktails!

Elevator Pitch:

Episode 806 - See if our investors think there's something fishy about her concept on the new episode of 'Elevator Pitch.' You never know who will walk (or swim) through the doors of Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch. Check out episode six for some genuine surprises!

Tech Talk Marathon:

Episode 108 - Drones pose a significant security threat to all. Meet the inventors of 360- degree drone defense systems. Watch Jonny's connected car get hacked by a trained cybersecurity expert!

Episode 109 - Visit IDC Herzliya, one of Israel's leading universities. We also take you to one of the leaders behind self-driving cars and discover mind-blowing 3D holographic surgery.

Episode 110 - Augmented reality snowboarding helmets made by ex-military fighter pilots. Jonny then visits the Robotics Lab at Bar Ilan University to meet the Israeli Robot Soccer team.

Episode 111 - See intelligent drone delivery systems for any business. JC tests a TV scanner app to get audio on any TV. Ruth talks about her impactful venture to protect us from old age.

Episode 112 - Season Finale discovers five outstanding innovators ranging from futuristic zappers to Autonomous Robot Window Washers & Mind Controlled Games to assist with ADHD.

Mirage: Movie

In 1968, at the ripe age of 26, Peter Kalikow was certain he could build a better car than anyone else. He took the money he made in construction and put it all on the line to take on the automotive establishment.

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