Trust Stamp Is Seeking Investors for What May Be the Answer to Identity Theft

The company's biometric-based security protections could offer firms the ultimate protection against cybercrime.

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Almost four out of every five web users around the globe feel they've lost any control they once had over their personal data. And when you consider the current state of data breaches all over the world, it isn't hard to understand why so many feel that way.

Last year alone, almost 4,000 unauthorized system incursions left over 37 billion records exposed. That's a rise of more than 140 percent over 2019 and enough to compromise four or five data files about each and every person on the planet.

That's concerning enough to think about when it's just professional or medical files that are suddenly open to hackers. But the anxiety level truly spikes when financial records are breached, potentially putting a user's entire future at risk.

Considering how much sensitive information banking and financial services gather on a daily basis, it's no surprise that they're among the biggest targets for cybercriminals looking for a big score. With so much at stake, financial institutions are doing everything they can to fend off black hat digital thieves, leading many to the next great step forward in personal protection: biometrics.

Trust Stamp takes biometrics to the next level.

Since there's nothing more intrinsically unique and identifiable than a person's fingerprints, facial features, voice signatures, and more, biometrics are at the heart of most of today's staunchest new security systems.

Trust Stamp is a security and privacy startup that has elevated biometrics to a new level, turning a person's very face and physical features into a one-of-a-kind digital identifier that's virtually impossible to falsify or hack. The company is now in the midst of taking on new investments to grow and bring its premium security services to more banks, cryptocurrency businesses, and other financial institutions worldwide.

While biometrics are a decided step above passwords and other more vulnerable security measures, they aren't immune from being compromised or stolen. However, Trust Stamp doesn't rely on your fingerprint or face alone to identify you. Its AI-powered system uses machine learning techniques to turn a person's biometric data into an Irreversibly Transformed Identity Token known as an IT2.

The process takes biometric information like a facial recognition scan, extracts key points, destroys others, and basically reformats that data so it's virtually impossible for even a talented hacker to reverse engineer to uncover the source biometric data. Crafted in concert with a handful of other biometric signatures, an individual's IT2 turns biometrics into an impregnable identifier that can help a bank know unquestionably that only the authorized person has access to their financial accounts while protecting the individual's personal information.

Get in on Trust Stamp now as an early investor.

While Trust Stamp has already made inroads with financial institutions, accounting for almost $3 million in sales during 2020 alone, the creation of an unbreakable biometric identity key for everyone on Earth has implications far beyond banks and financial services.

Trust Stamp is now taking its unique approach to improve security into other business sectors as well, including healthcare, government, and many other types of organizations looking to speed up customer onboarding, improve their user experience, and better safeguard data quality, all while significantly reducing theft and other identity crimes.

That technology has already drawn interest from some intriguing businesses, with some of its current investment partners including heavyweight backers like Mastercard, Synchrony Financial, and 630 Cybersecurity Fund.

Right now, Trust Stamp is offering ground floor investment opportunities for anyone who sees the implications of this technology and its potential role in the future of data protection everywhere, at the low price of $4. Participating in this round of funding will give you the right to purchase additional shares at the same price in a future Regulation A offering, regardless of the market price at that time. Those intrigued by its alternative investment potential can check out the specifics at Trump Stamp's investor website, read up on the technology and their business plan, then buy stock at a minimum investment level of $1,000.


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