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What Would You Do With Your Life If Money Was No Object?

There's no point in wealth if you don't have your health.

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Once you've grown and protected monetary , attention invariably turns to becomes how to increase your life, and dream span.

I've been exploring these ideas with Brittany Anderson and Bryan Sweet, two partners at a wealth management team who have a collective 57 years in the world of maintaining and boast over 1,100 clients.

Direct experience with multimillionaires made them realize their clients needed help crafting a meaningful life beyond the money. The result, was to create a process called The Dream Architect, to help close the gap between wants and needs.

After chatting with Sweet and Anderson, I realized that their findings are the boiled-down essentials to achieving a meaningful life.

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In a recent poll conducted by Lottoland UK, in partnership with the Prader-Willi Syndrome Association, asked 2000 Americans what 40 things every adult should do before turning 40 and 38 percent cited time and money as the two main reasons for not yet hitting crossing more off their list before middle-age.

Smart strategic investments, tax sheltering strategies and enable you to make money, save it and still do the things you've dreamed of doing. But there's more to making millions than money management. Once wealth is established and protected, it's time to redefine what an abundant life actually means.


Once your children are grown and you've reached the pinnacle of business success, your purpose to towards community and connection. It can require a new identity or it could change who you spend time with.

We've all heard heartbreaking stories of people retiring rich and immediately getting sick because they lost their purpose. One of Sweet and Anderson's clients, who loves luxury motor homes, created a new life purpose to drive his motor home to places experiencing natural disasters, like , while setting up for extended periods to pitch in and help out.

Health and longevity

"A healthy man wants a thousand things," noted Confucius, "a sick man only wants one."

Oftentimes the best methods for living a long, healthy and vibrant life, one in which you are not a burden on your family, are not found at the doctor's office, where the sick-care system focuses on looking for problems only after the symptoms arise. Getting well ahead of problems through the latest and greatest in medical developments and being aware of new life-extending possibilities are additional services that Anderson and Sweet offer their clients.

A body scan system they recommended just saved one of my friend's life through early detection, making me wish I'd had a similar option before I faced stage 3 colorectal .

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Sweet, found a way to create a living legacy for the single mother who had raised him. In awe of her abilities as a parent, he started a foundation in her honor to help children of single parents go to college. Each year they get to meet the students who are benefiting from their foundation, and the legacy of their family wealth serves a tangible purpose.


After winning my battle with cancer, I began to dedicate myself to experiencing life to the fullest with my wife and son.

Life is all about creating memories, and one of the most important things you can do is be in charge. If you plan your experiences —not just trips, but memories, upgraded relationships, community connections, funding charities — you are creating the world you want. A client couple of Sweet and Anderson's carefully crafted a dream board with everything they wanted to experience and set about checking every single item off. When one of them got sick, they did not look back with any regrets, and when she got well, they crafted a new board.

Brittany Anderson and Brian Sweet's Dream Architect Life Immersives have helped to narrow down the specifics when it comes to a fulfilling life, good health, and legacy and memorable experiences, helping clients create their own personalized visions for their future.

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