4 Questions to Answer Before Buying Apple's Latest Gadgets Really, you're paying full price for that iPhone because you can't wait?

By Larry Alton

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Apple's latest media event drew enormous audiences and worldwide attention. Thousands thronged the Flint Center on September 9th to celebrate the release of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch. Countless more logged onto Apple's live stream of the event, which was notable for downtime, audio issues and lag, leaving many consumers and businesses wondering if they actually need a new Apple gadget.

If you're trying to make this decision, here are five questions to answer before shelling out several hundred dollars.

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1. Do you qualify for a phone subsidy? This is a primary consideration before you purchase one of the new iPhones. Just like previous iPhone launches, AT&T and Verizon Wireless subscribers qualify for an iPhone at the subsidized price once every two years. This might make or break your decision, since subsidized phones cost about $450 less than their unsubsidized counterparts.

2. Are you a budding photographer? If you're looking for a small, yet powerful camera to take on your budding outdoor adventures, then start looking at the specs for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. These gadgets really pack a punch. The smartphone/camera combo will reduce the amount of equipment you'll need to truck around.

The new iPhone shoots in 1.5 micron pixels with an aperture of 2.2. As TechRadar notes, phase detection autofocus has been branded by Apple as "Focus Pixels." Once you've framed your subject, the Focus Pixels feature will help your camera focus significantly faster than previous iPhone generations. This can help you get the perfect shot faster, and you won't be walking away with a camera roll full of blurry images.

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3. Do you have a health and fitness tracker? If you don't already have a wearable fitness tracker, then it might be worth waiting to get the new iPhone and the Apple Watch duo. The new iOS 8 Health app allows you to track a number of body metrics, including measurements, nutrition, sleep and vitals. The Apple Watch can capture multiple types of activity and vital signs, such as your heartbeat.

The Activity app was designed to nudge us out of our sedentary habits. It records and displays the amount of time you stand, exercise or just moving around. Combined, the Activity and Health apps blow current fitness wearables and apps out of the water.

4. Can you afford not to wait? One of the biggest drawbacks to Apple's gadget popularity is the current wait time. Your best bet at getting your hands on a new iPhone is to visit an Apple Store and try to snag some of their inventory. Carriers currently have the worst wait times. Many orders won't ship until sometime in November.

You can cave into the hype or you can wait it out and save a couple hundred dollars. Apple never ceases to rock the consumer tech world with its media events. The new iPhone models are very appealing to many verticals, due to its focus on superior mobile camera technology and fitness tracking. How long can you hold out?

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