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Five to Follow on Twitter for Social Media Newbies


Sean Malarkey is a bit of a celebritweet. With a respectable 129,000-plus followers, he provides a steady stream of social media marketing tips for entrepreneurs. Based in Columbus, Ohio, Malarkey is a serial new-media entrepreneur, blogger and Twitter consultant -- helping his clients better understand the power of the micro-blogging site and how to harness it to maximize return. He even wrote a book on the subject called Twixplode that has been sold and downloaded more than 10,000 times.

With more than 20,000 tweets under his belt, Malarkey was an early-adopter and has a firm grasp on the Twitter landscape, but whom does he follow? Here's his list of the top Twitter feeds for entrepreneurs who are just getting into the social media game. "All of these people make Twitter a much better place," he says. "They offer great content and are amazing individuals to follow."

  1. @andrewwarner
    Followers: 21,776
    Tweets: 7,949
    Based in Los Angeles, Andrew Warner is a young, successful Internet entrepreneur who founded Mixergy, where he interviews entrepreneurs about how they built their businesses. He primarily tweets interesting social media news and tips, as well as his latest interviews with intriguing Web 2.0 entrepreneurs.
    Sample Tweet: Meet the guy who offered to pay Zaarly for a two-month contract and was hired (via @slobotski's site)
  2. @rizzotees
    Followers: 52,821
    Tweets: 57,493
    Chris Reimer is a snarky St. Louis-based tee-shirt designer (think: "I love you more than bacon") and a shining example of how to use Twitter to connect with your audience and grow your business. He is constantly asking his tweeps for feedback on new design ideas and offering great tech and social media updates.
    Sample Tweet: I cannot believe Cisco is killing the Flip Cam. I suppose it's possible that sales are declining. (?) But the amount of brand equity....

  3. @tferriss
    Followers: 247, 252
    Tweets: 2,390
    Author of the bestseller, The 4-Hour Workweek, Tim Ferriss is now a full-time angel investor with stakes in Twitter, StumbleUpon and Posterous, to name a few. He regularly provides his slew of loyal Twitter followers with tips about how to work smarter, not harder, and great info for tech startups.
    Sample Tweet: Got startup? Enter @TechStars Startup Madness tournament and win $25k in prizes:
  4. @lewishowes
    Followers: 42,372
    Tweets: 13,857
    A rising star in the social media world, Lewis Howes is a former professional arena football player turned LinkedIn book author. Based in Columbus, Ohio, Howes founded SportsNetworker to provide professionals in the sports industry with social media marketing consulting. His Twitter feed is chock full of useful small business news and advice -- for all industries.
    Sample Tweet: [Video] How To Use Fear To Your Advantage + A Cool Brain Trick by @marieforleo
  5. @therisetothetop
    Followers: 31,392
    Tweets: 15,400
    David Garland is creator and host of a popular business web series called The Rise to the Top, where he interviews prominent entrepreneurs, authors and other interesting people. Based in St. Louis, Garland tweets about his informative and entertaining interviews.
    Sample Tweet: HOT RIGHT NOW: Wine, Web & Innovation: An Interview With @garyvee

Who do you follow on Twitter to stay tuned into social media? Share your list and comment on ours below.

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