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Will You Be Able to Adapt and Thrive in the AI Era? Ask Yourself These 7 Questions. The new book "The Wolf Is At The Door" explains how to embrace AI as a tool for growth rather than a threat to your professional life.

By Ben Angel

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The Wolf Is At The Door by Ben Angel explores AI impact on our world and our lives. In this excerpt, Angel discusses how we must adapt our thinking to regard AI as a tool for growth rather than an existential threat.

In the bustling ancient Greek city of Athens, around 300 BCE, Zeno of Citium laid the foundation for the enduring philosophy known as Stoicism, an ethical philosophy and practical approach to seeking wisdom in life, which revolves around the idea that our reactions stem not from actual events, but from our interpretations of them. Ancient Stoic thinkers emphasized the importance of distinguishing between things in our lives that we can control and things we can't, urging us to relinquish our worries about the latter, even if that task is arduous at times to do. Through this approach, we are better positioned to navigate the unpredictable tides of existence.

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To moderate our responses to the often startling ups and downs of life, we must deliberately expose ourselves to experiences that enhance our resilience, promote familiarity, and nurture adaptability, both to improve our stress response and expand our window of tolerance for change. Adaptability is an essential skill forged in the fire of life's experiences. It entails processing new information and circumstances and then modifying your actions accordingly. Both humans and AI demonstrate this exceptional capacity for growth, often achieved via hard-earned lessons and persistence (and coding, in the AI's case).

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An adaptive AI model can persistently learn and evolve as it is used, implying that over time, identical queries may yield different outcomes as the model refines its problem-solving approach. A fixed model, on the other hand, undergoes training, development, and testing to achieve its optimal version. Once this model is deployed for public or private consumption, it consistently generates the same results whenever the same input is provided, much like a calculator.2 Just as adaptive AI continually evolves and learns, so do individuals with a growth mindset, thriving when confronted with challenges and embracing change. Conversely, those who resist transformation and demonstrate a lack of resilience are akin to fixed AI models, locked into a rigid mindset that hinders progress.

Embracing a growth mindset empowers you to venture into uncharted territories. This mindset cultivates resilience, allowing you to rebound from inevitable setbacks and obstacles. It encourages you to refine and enhance your personal "product"—yourself—adding unique value as an employee or entrepreneur that AI will have difficulty replicating. And it nurtures humility, as you remain open to continuous learning and growth, steering clear of stagnation.

Mastering the Art of Adaptability

The rapid evolution of AI presents us with the challenge of swiftly adapting and refining our skills to stay relevant. Embracing change and exploring diverse methods of reskilling and upskilling becomes integral to our success. By adopting a fluid mindset, we can remain malleable and resilient in the face of transformations. Moreover, drawing inspiration from China's approach provides valuable insights into how to seamlessly integrate AI into our existing systems.

Here are seven vital questions to contemplate as we harness our ability to adapt and thrive in a world driven by AI:

  1. How can you foster a growth mindset in your professional life?

  2. Can you easily navigate multiple perspectives to gain new insights, even when they challenge your current beliefs?

  3. What steps are necessary to enhance your competitiveness in your domain?

  4. How do you exhibit adaptability and versatility in your skill set?

  5. What crucial discussions must occur in your workplace regarding AI policies and limitations?

  6. How can you incorporate the four approaches for AI adoption: 1. Neurofeedback and Meditation, 2. AI tutors, 3. AI literacy, and 4. Restricting social media access to regain focus?

  7. How can you best familiarize yourself with some of the tools that are being used in your industry?

Ben Angel

Entrepreneur Network Contributor

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