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These Are the Top 10 Threats From Artificial Intelligence The new book, "The Wolf Is At The Door," breaks down the most pressing problems that AI presents to the world we live in.

By Ben Angel

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The new book, The Wolf Is At The Door, teaches readers how to survive and thrive in an AI-powered world. In the following excerpt, author Ben Angel details what he has determined to be the top 10 threats that AI presents to our world today.

1. Manipulation

By exploiting AI's capacity to manipulate, actions such as persuading individuals to engage in criminal activities or incite wars can be achieved by taking advantage of human biases and emotional vulnerabilities.

2. Misinformation

The internet can be a source of both essential knowledge and great confusion. AI can be leveraged to disseminate falsehoods or propaganda, reminding us to exercise the same caution we would use in dealing with strangers in the physical world.

3. AGI/Sentience

As AI continues to evolve, the issue of sentience and who controls an AGI system becomes paramount. This also brings into sharp focus the necessity of understanding the power dynamics at play. Some experts and scholars perceive AGI as an existential risk to humanity.

4. Misuse

The potential misuse of AI is a considerable threat that requires a high degree of vigilance. The consequences range from data breaches to automated warfare and extend to economic implications, such as the inequitable lowering of wages due to automation replacing jobs. These risks underscore the need for robust ethical oversights and procedural safeguards.

5. Automation

Job automation threatens many occupations as machines outperform humans in efficiency and accuracy. This shift towards automation in manufacturing, customer service, logistics, health care, and the legal profession could lead to significant job losses, exacerbate income inequality, and create a disparity between low-wage and highly-paid positions, leaving many displaced workers behind.

6. Information warfare

Though the commoditization of information can help people by democratizing access to health care and legal services (thus reducing costs), it could also significantly reduce the service charges of many companies. Firms accustomed to operating in one way for decades may face a drastic transition. Maintaining their current revenue levels could necessitate a shift from one-to-one services to one-to-many services, provided there is sufficient demand.

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7. Attention recession

The captivating nature of AI, with its propensity to dominate headlines and conversations, jeopardizes our focus. This distraction can spur anxiety, mental fatigue, and the daunting prospect of further change, distracting us from what truly counts: the mental tranquility to explore possibilities with our own rhythm and time frame.

8. Hypervigilance

AI's rapid progress might induce a state of continuous alertness, placing us in a reactive state rather than a proactive one. Existing in a world where change is the only constant, we may find ourselves reverting to old behavior patterns in response to these abrupt shifts, destabilizing our mental equilibrium and hindering our decision-making. Consequently, we might find ourselves entangled in past reactions and future apprehensions rather than fully leveraging the opportunities offered by AI.

9. Irrelevance

Confronted with an AI-driven societal makeover, the quest for personal identity and purpose will likely be our hardest battle, eliciting our deepest fears about irrelevance. This shift could engender an existential crisis as traditional human roles become obsolete. With AI reshaping the social fabric, professions, and even personal identities, we may grapple with finding purpose and meaning in this evolving landscape.

10. Weaponization

The potential misuse of AI technology is a grave concern in several areas. Weaponizing robots could unleash an unprecedented scale of destruction that surpasses traditional warfare. AI-induced disruptions of the stock market could spark a financial meltdown or incite severe social unrest, possibly catalyzing civic confrontations and conflicts. AI could also wreak worldwide havoc by helping malignant actors gain access to bioweapons like smallpox or avian flu, leading to the next pandemic. The proliferation of weaponized AI is a sobering prospect that calls for stringent regulation and ethical guidelines to prevent escalation.

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Ben Angel

Entrepreneur Network Contributor

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