Nomad's New iPhone 13 Case Keeps You in Touch With Just a Tap Nomad has partnered with Popl to install digital business card technology into its new iPhone 13 cases and allow fast contact sharing with a tap.

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Contact cards are a staple of modern business, but a huge number of them wind up tossed in the garbage without doing their job. Digital business cards are different. Not only do they transfer digitally from device to device, but they also stay on the other person's phone as a contact and generally don't get discarded.

Nomad's new iPhone 13 case has made a splash by combining the old-world charm of a genuine leather wrap with the advanced digital technology of a Popl digital business card. If you've never used a digital business card before, it stores your contact information and transmits it to other phones with a tap. The technology is seamlessly wrapped inside of a rugged leather case that looks great and keeps your new iPhone safe from scratches and shocks.

They also offer you a lot more options than traditional paper cards:

Design: You don't have to design your digital business card. Several professionally designed formats are available online that save a ton of time. Just pick a layout you like and load your information into it.

Features: You can do way more with a digital business card than you can with paper. Unlike paper cards, digital cards can include hyperlinks, video snippets and other promotional materials that help turn a brief personal meeting into a sale.

Portability: Digital business cards are transmitted instantly, and they can be shared around the world in seconds.

Nomad's iPhone 13 cases and folios all come with built-in digital business card storage as a standard feature. That means you can transfer your complex, brilliantly designed digital cards with a tap to another's phone, and they just transfer over and integrate into their contacts list. Popl's slimline device doesn't create any bulges or other distortions of the case's clean lines, and everything is wrapped up in a handsome leather shell that protects the phone inside.

Hard plastic cases have their place for protecting iPhones, but Nomad's sleek leather case is on another level. Using the highest quality of handmade Horween leather, Nomad's form-fitting design makes a durable soft shell around your iPhone 13 and protects it from the knocks and scratches of daily use. Because the skin of this case is made from real leather that's been tanned by hand, it spends the first 100 days seasoning the brilliant lustrous patina that only real leather ever develops. This is exactly the note you want to strike with a potential business partner as you tap over your digital business card.

Whether you're just looking to protect your iPhone 13, you need something professional looking to wrap around it or you can't wait to completely switch over to digital business cards, Nomad's new iPhone 13 case with built-in digital business card technology is definitely something to look out for.

Entrepreneur Deals

Entrepreneur Deals

Our goal is to feature products and services that we think you'll find useful. 

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