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Save 25 Percent on This Keychain-Sized Flash Drive and Keep Your Files Safe

Add 64GB of storage space to your everyday carry.

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Any entrepreneur who has been around a while knows the importance of getting organized. (New entrepreneurs: get organized!) But organization is more than just knowing where things are on your desk or what file cabinet you put last year's tax return in. It's about getting your digital life organized, as well, so you can always access files when you need them.

Tech Essential

Your devices don't have the storage space you need to keep all of your important files. Cloud services are a great asset, but when you need to quickly move files between devices, you need them handy in an instant — without having to reset logins or passwords. You need a high-quality external drive, and the miniature Slim Profile Flash Drive fits the bill.

This cute little drive weighs in at just six grams, fitting elegantly on your keychain while adding barely any weight to your everyday carry. But don't be fooled by its size, it still packs an impressive 64GB of storage space, allowing you to save photos, videos, and files on a handy little device that you can bring with you everywhere. You never know when you might need it, after all!

The stylish gunmetal drive blends in nicely with everything else on your keychain and is USB 2.0-compatible, so it will work on virtually any Mac, music players, and more. It offers high-speed transfer rates so you can easily and quickly move files between devices whenever you need to.

Being an entrepreneur is all about organization, but don't limit that idea to just your home office or desk space. You need to organize your digital life, as well, and the Slim Profile Flash Drive can help. For a limited time, you can get this 64GB drive for 25 percent off $19 at just $14.99.

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