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Want the Sale? Ask for It in Your Facebook Ads.

You can't just expect to post content and reel in the money.

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According to Small Biz Trends, only 39 percent of small businesses get a return on their investment in an online platform. But, when asked if they track monetary results, only 14 percent could. Anyway you count it, the majority of businesses not seeing financial returns on .

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But, there is good news.

By making a few small tweaks to your , you can dramatically improve your results. You can attract better leads to your and turn them into profitable .

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Ask any sales expert worth a grain of salt and they will agree that the number one way to make a sale is to ask for it. Yet, so many Facebook posts and advertisements don't ask. Then, the businesses responsible for those ads wonder why they don't see a return on investment. It is as though they believe that "if we post it, they will come."

But they don't. They won't.

Don't fall victim to this mistake. Ensure you are always giving a time-sensitive call to action that includes a reason why your prospects should act now. Doing so will increase your audience engagement, drive more traffic to your website and result in more profitable sales.

And, in case you are worried that your target market will not respond well to to this type of marketing . . .

The inclusion of calls to action into your marketing doesn't mean you are selling a product in exchange for money with each posting. That would be spammy, terrible marketing. But, you are selling the viewer on doing something when they see your post. If not, the likelihood of you seeing a return on investment from this content is significantly reduced.

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If you like this, then you'll want more.

Utilize your blog content by picking out quotes and turning them into images using a social media design tool like WordSwag or Canva. Then in a post above the the image, share that if they want more, to visit the full article.

Say it loud, say it proud.

In every video you post, ensure that the viewer knows what you want them to do. Whether it is to share your video, click on a link above to read more or register or buy a product, make sure to tell them what you want them to do.

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Make it easy for your audience.

In spite of what most think, Facebook is on that "let's give them an ROI" train. One example of this is the "Call to Action" button you can add to your video posts when complete. Simply edit your post when complete and you can add the button. Options include "Sign Up," "Download," and "Call Now." Best of all, the Call to Action Buttons can all be linked to the website or phone number of your choice.

Incentivize people.

In your post, give a deadline and to participate. For example, in a post where you ask for feedback, tell the viewer the deadline to respond and then offer a prize or other incentive to encourage participation.

Put buttons on images.

It used to be against Facebook rules to include visual calls to action, such as a button on a post. Not so anymore. You can include calls to action like "Click Here Now" or "Click to Win" now. Test using different button images on your posts.

Want to get the sale? It is your turn to ask for it. Start with one or two of the strategies outlined above and you will increase your Facebook marketing results.

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