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WATCH: Björk's New Music Video Is a Dazzling Harbinger of VR Technology


For further proof of the impending arrival -- and magical upshots -- of VR , look no further than famed trailblazer Björk. While the songstress' tech-heavy MoMA exhibition was widely panned (New York magazine called it a "discombobulated mess,") a piece from the show recently unearthed for is downright dazzling.

Björk | YouTube

In collaboration with the director Andrew Huang, Björk shot a music video for Oculus Rift for her song Stonemilker. But after enabled users to share 360-degree videos last March, viewers can now experience the groundbreaking clip without one of the coveted headsets.

As Björk croons in a neon yellow gown along the Icelandic coast, PC users can click and drag around to get a panoramic scope of the scene. On mobile, the spectacle is even more sweeping: simply tilt your device or move it around, and the landscape shifts accordingly.

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Experience it for yourself right here:

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