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When Marketing Online, Be Natural and Earn Trust

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When it comes to marketing your startup online, there's a lot to consider. So much, even some of the best digital marketers can't get everything right all of the time.

That's why we hosted a Hangout called "The Best Marketing Advice You're Not Following," based on our recent article on the same topic. It is the first in a seven-part video series where we speak with the best minds in marketing to help elevate your .

In this installment, we chatted with entrepreneur, marketer and author Peter Shankman, consultant and author DJ Waldow, and Rick Mulready, a social-media marketing consultant, all members of our Team Digital. They dsicussed how important it is to "ditch the Franken-speak" and sound natural in your marketing copy, being humorous and earning trust from your customers.

If you missed the live discussion, a copy of the video is below.

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