6 Side Hustles You Can Start Today These Upskillist Courses can help you start a side hustle.

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These days, if it feels like everybody has a side hustle, it's because a whole lot of people have a side hustle. More than a third of Americans have a side hustle today, and two-thirds of them started it in the last three years.

You haven't been left behind if you haven't picked up a side hustle yet, but consider it a good growth opportunity for 2022. During our Best of Digital Sale, you can save an extra 50 percent off courses from Upskillist to help you get started. Check out some of the courses on sale.

1. Learn the Basics of Cryptocurrency

Crypto may not be a side hustle exactly, but it certainly could be a means of passive income. In this course, you'll learn what cryptocurrency is, understand more about it, and learn some of the most proven trading strategies to earn a profit.

Get Learn the Basics of Cryptocurrency for $10 (reg. $1,200) with promo code LEARNNOW.

2. Learn the Basics of Digital Marketing & SEO

In the digital age, every business needs a strong focus on digital marketing and not every business knows how to do it. Carve out a role as a consultant or digital marketing expert with this course that covers a variety of channels. From SEO and content marketing to paid ads, Google Analytics, and more, you'll get a solid foundation for a digital marketing education.

Get Learn the Basics of Digital Marketing & SEO for $10 (reg. $1,200) with promo code LEARNNOW.

3. Learn the Basics of Computer Science

Who cares if you missed out on computer science courses in college? This course will give a solid foundation in comp-sci. You'll go through computer architecture, understand the binary system, learn how programming languages work, and much more.

Get Learn the Basics of Computer Science for $10 (reg. $1,200) with promo code LEARNNOW.

4. Learn the Basics of Coding & Technology

Want to learn to code? This 15-hour course will get you started. You'll explore mobile tech, operating systems, software development, big data, and many more leading tech topics. As you work with different technologies, you'll learn coding essentials to help you work with them more efficiently.

Get Learn the Basics of Coding & Technology for $10 (reg. $1,200) with promo code LEARNNOW.

5. Learn the Basics of Graphic Design

Great design can make a huge difference for businesses. But it's expensive, which is why many businesses outsource. Be the designer they need with this 15-hour course covering some of today's most important graphic design tools, design theory, and more.

Get Learn the Basics of Graphic Design for $10 (reg. $1,200) with promo code LEARNNOW.

6. Learn the Basics of Photoshop

For a more intensive focus in graphic design, take a deep dive into Photoshop. Photoshop is more than just a photo editor. You'll learn just how much more this comprehensive design software can do in this extensive course.

Get Learn the Basics of Photoshop for $10 (reg. $1,200) with promo code LEARNNOW.

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