60 Second Business Tips: Set and Achieve Your Marketing Goals Business consultant Terry Rice outlines the Objective First Framework.

By Entrepreneur Staff

As an entrepreneur, you know how important marketing is to your business. But the task at hand can be overwhelming, leading to disjointed efforts.

It doesn't have to be that way, says business development consultant and Entrepreneur magazine writer Terry Rice. In the above video, Rice outlines the Objective First Framework to help keep you on track and deliver the desired results.

It all starts with your objective. What is your goal for the campaign? You want be very specific with this, so maybe it's getting leads for your newsletter. And then beyond that, you want to have a numeric value. How many leads? And lastly, a time period.

Know your KPIs. Your key performance indicators are the metrics that you know how well you're achieving your objective. Cost per lead would be a KPI. You want to pay as little as possible per lead.

Bring on the tactics. This is the fun part. How do you convince your audience to take the action aligned with your objective? This is where you get to be creative with the messaging you're putting out there and the video you're creating. After that, execute the campaign.

Optimization. Look at your campaigns and segmenting. See where you're getting the lowest cost per lead, and spend as much time and energy in those segments.

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Entrepreneur Staff

Entrepreneur Staff


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