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7 Steps to Creating a Crowdfunding Project That Will Get You the Money You Need Proven strategies that will help you bring your crowdfunding campaign success.

By Roberto Liccardo Edited by Ryan Droste

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Crowdfunding has taken off in a big way in recent years, creating some successful businesses in the process. However, those that are successful are just a few among many thousands of promising projects looking for backing. How do you create a successful crowdfunding project that brings you the investment you need?

Here are seven surefire tips to help you out.

Create your team

Don't go into this thinking you can do it solo. It might be your idea or your product, but you're going to need help. In the first instance, you need help with publicity, and we suggest you bring on board Brand Ambassadors. These could be family or friends –— preferably individuals with excellent social media footprints — who will spread the word and help get your brand exposure. If you know anyone with even minor celebrity status, see if they would come on board.

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Build a buzz

Next, you need to start creating a buzz around your brand and product. Don't go all out and simply launch it, make previews and build it up. Get people knowing that there's something special coming. A little glimpse via Twitter, some hints on your Facebook page, a sneak peak picture on Instagram — create suspense and thrill around your product launch. This will drive curiosity and build buzz.

Get professionals on board

We began by advising you to not go it alone, and this tip elaborates on that. There are experienced, professional crowdfunding marketing agencies who can help you get things off the ground and build up that initial interest. It's worth investigating these as they can provide great value for the money and accelerate your brand awareness. If you're not experienced in online marketing yourself, a bit of expert help is a sensible investment.

Use quality images

We cannot stress the importance of quality when it to images. Don't get your phone out for those promo pictures. You might have a multi-megapixel camera, but it's not enough. Put aside some of your marketing budget for professional pictures. It won't cost as much as you might think, and you'll find the results far better than a DIY effort. It's tempting to go the cheap route until you see what you can get from an expert.

Get a video made

Video is the way to promote a product. The younger generation especially has embraced the likes of YouTube as their favored place to be for entertainment, and they will pay attention to a well-made video presentation or Vlog. Once again, if you're not up to speed, find someone who can produce video content for you — you'll make much more of an impact. Share videos via your social media feed and across all platforms for greater exposure.

Don't stoop to begging

Remember that you're pitching for investors to put money into a fantastic new business or product that is going to result in great returns for them. Go into meetings or online chats with an attitude that says this is a great opportunity for the investor. You don't want to come off like you are desperate for money. If you can show them that there's something exciting and rewarding here, that you can make it worth their effort to become involved, you'll stand a greater chance of landing the big money investors. Talk to your agency about this point as if you're not used to pitching, they'll be able to help.

Great customer service

Our final tip might be the most important of all. You've got your ambassadors on board, you have some investment, and you're marketing your brand on all of your social channels. Now is the time to keep the promises you make — not just to your investors, but to your customers. Today's consumer wants excellent customer service and nothing less. If you promise delivery on a certain day, make sure it happens. It is easy to lose customers who expect what is offered and then have a poor experience.

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Crowdfunding is a marketplace in of itself. Anyone interesting in backing a business will look at more than one. This is why you have to get everything right if you're going to land the big fish. We hope the tips above give you inspiration to devise a crowdfunding campaign that brings you success, so start right now by looking for those all important Brand Ambassadors.

Roberto Liccardo

CEO of Best Stocks

I have 15 years of direct and managerial experience in intensive digital marketing, analytics and finance. Currently, I'm working as CEO for Best Stocks.

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