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How to Start a Kumon Franchise in 2023 Looking for franchise information about how to open a Kumon franchise? Here's what you need to know.

By Entrepreneur Staff Edited by Ryan Droste

Kumon is the after-school learning center where kids can start as young as three and stay through completion of the program of calculus and Shakespeare. Kumon kids stand out because they not only master math and reading but also develop skills for success such as focus, confidence and grit.

In business for over 60 years, investment starts at less than $65,000 and Kumon offers up to $34,000 in incentives — veterans may qualify for an extra $10,000 bonus. Opening a Kumon Franchise is ideal for individuals with a passion for education and for helping kids.

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For kids from pre-K to high school, Kumon is a math and reading learning center and academic enrichment program that goes well beyond traditional tutoring, unlocking the potential of children to achieve more. Through daily practice, the individualized approach helps children develop strong math, reading, writing and grammar skills. Students develop confidence, increase focus and improve study habits. Kumon Instructors guide kids through their curriculums, helping them set and achieve math and reading goals.

When you open a Kumon center, you aren't tutoring kids through a short-term struggle, rather you're following a unique and proven method of learning that instills self-learning and develops top-notch students ready for lifelong success. The company offers a system of success supported by training, materials and marketing to drive your business.

Kumon is consistently ranked No. 1 in the education category by Entrepreneur magazine, and this year, Kumon was ranked No. 6 on the overall Franchise 500 list. 2022 marks the 10th consecutive year that Kumon has earned a ranking on this prestigious list, all of which have been inside the top 40.

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What are the pros and cons of owning a Kumon franchise?

Currently, there are approximately 26,500+ Kumon franchise establishments. With decades of experience, Kumon knows how to help franchisees create businesses that are emotionally and financially rewarding. Kumon franchises guide kids through a long-term program that ensures they master math, reading and writing while building essential skills for success, like setting goals and developing the grit to achieve those goals. As a Kumon franchisee you'll work close to home, build relationships and contribute to your community. Your branch manager and field consultant will support you, and the connections you make at training and conferences will provide you with a ready source of business-building ideas and encouragement.

The Kumon franchise opportunity is unique among education franchises because it's not tutoring. Instead, you'll guide kids through an enrichment program that complements schoolwork while ensuring nothing is missed in math, reading and writing. A Kumon student can stay for years as they work through the levels of the program, and parents often enroll all their kids, offering you financial stability. With Kumon, you can offer parents a long-term solution to help their kids excel academically in ways they never thought possible — in math, reading and writing.

Kumon curriculum helps each child develop critical thinking, increase focus, improve study habits, become more organized and learn to be problem-solvers. The extra enrichment kids receive from Kumon franchisees helps them catch up, but it's seeing them advance to work at levels well above their current grade and the skills they develop, including grit, time management and focus, that have parents so excited about Kumon. Offering Kumon to teachers and parents to help kids reach their full potential will benefit the entire community and will make lots of parents (and teachers) happy.

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What are the requirements to invest in a Kumon franchise?

To open a Kumon learning center franchise of your own, here are the financial requirements, cash required and ongoing franchise fees associated with business ownership.

Initial franchise fee: $2,000.

Initial investment: $67,248 to $145,640.

Net worth requirement: $150,000.

Cash requirement: $70,000.

Veteran incentives: $10,000 toward build-out/grand opening costs.

Royalty fee: $36 to $40.50 per student/per month.

Term of agreement: 5 years.

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In addition to the above, each Kumon owner candidate must possess a bachelor's degree and either U.S. citizenship or a green card. Kumon has an innovative way to help franchisee candidates get up and running fast, by covering up to $36,400 in expenses. Here's how it works:

  • It reimburses you for 50% of your rent for the first 12 months, up to $1,000 a month.
  • Kumon will purchase your main exterior sign for you — including the cost of any signage permits required and the cost of getting the sign made and installed, even the electrical hookups and sales tax. This is valued at between $4,800 and $7,000.
  • The company will purchase and deliver the Kumon furniture and fixtures you'll need to open your center — a value of $9,300.
  • Kumon will split the cost of $4,000 in local marketing in your first three months with you. To give you time to build up your student base, you won't pay anything towards this program until your 5th and 6th months. At that point, you'll be billed $1,000 each month.
  • Kumon will reimburse you for the cost of the phone system that ties you to the call center, so leads can be called and appointments can be scheduled for you, saving you up to $600 and countless hours.
  • Kumon does not charge for the Instructor Development Program (IDP). Plus, when you complete IDP, the cost of the training will be applied to your franchise fee. Should you decide not to continue IDP, you may return the training kit for a full refund.
  • After the initial materials purchase, you will never need to worry about worksheets — you'll simply order more when you're running low for just the cost of shipping.

Overall, it's recommended that you have $13,500–$18,000 in additional funds for operating expenses during your first three months to make sure you get your small business off to a good start.

How much can you earn as the owner of a Kumon franchise?

Since each Kumon franchise is independently owned and does not report its total income, we cannot provide a hard number. However, as part of your franchisee training, you'll develop a business plan that can assist you in projecting your revenues and expenses. Kumon will also encourage you to talk directly with Kumon franchisees for more information.

Are you the ideal candidate for opening a Kumon center?

All franchisee applicants need a bachelor's degree and either U.S. citizenship or a green card, in addition to meeting the liquidity requirements of $70,000 and net worth requirements of $150,000. Beyond that, Kumon looks for people who will make a full-time commitment to their business and who have a desire to develop relationships with families in their community and to see kids succeed, not just in math and reading, but in life.

Having a prior background in education is not required. While this experience can prove quite valuable, it is certainly not a requirement for becoming a Kumon franchise owner (though you must have a bachelor's degree). However, you must have a passion for working with children and believe in the company's mission of helping students become independent, self-assured and confident leaders of tomorrow.

Many of Kumon's current owners came in with some kind of business background, and many have their children currently or previously enrolled in Kumon. If you value academic excellence, find satisfaction in helping kids long term and enjoy being part of a community, you'll find everything you're looking for when you open a Kumon center.

Here are Kumon's preferences and requirements which you must meet to be considered for a franchise opportunity:

  • A passion for and dedication to education and working with children.
  • A teaching or education background is helpful, but not required.
  • A bachelor's degree is required.
  • You must be proficient in math and reading.
  • The ability to create and manage a center that effectively motivates children in the Kumon Learning Method, and an interest in and commitment to helping children in your community.
  • The ability to deliver an excellent customer experience while maintaining a dedication to Kumon's core values.
  • A good understanding of the area, and strong ties to the community.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • A full-time commitment to Kumon — typically, an average of 6–8 hours per business day.

Request more information about franchise opportunities with Kumon by filling out this form to learn more and begin the discovery process for your very own franchise operation.

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