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News reports about market volatility and the wide-ranging swings in the stock market regularly dotted the headlines last year. From the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic to the hotly contested presidential election and everything in between, 2020 was a year of extremes that made investing a trickier and riskier venture than usual. So, although experts believe 2021 will be a better year for investing in the stock market, experts say it's still practical to consider diversifying your portfolio with different investing options. And that's where DiversyFund makes its entrance.

What is DiversyFund?

DiversyFund is a different way to invest online. This platform makes it easier and less risky to invest in alternative assets. As you already know, you have to invest your money, rather than store it in a bank account, to build generational wealth. That's why most people play the stock market in the first place. Yet, those who find the most success when investing rarely, if ever, achieve it by simply putting everything they have in the stock market or into a savings account. Securing your family's wealth today and in the future requires diversifying your portfolio into alternatives, such as real estate, and that's where DiversyFund changes the game.

DiversyFund helps you lay a foundation to accumulate and build wealth by earning money from long-term, multimillion-dollar real estate assets that can help set your family up for a better future. In other words, this platform opens opportunities for the everyday investor to access high-value private real estate investing through its non-traded REIT (real estate investment trust). Historically, if you wanted to invest in alternatives like real estate, you had to be a part of the one percent with plenty of capital and the connections necessary to invest in real estate. DiversyFund opens the door to investing opportunities in real estate for everyone else — the ninety-nine percent — through its online platform.

How does investing with DiversyFund work?

DiversyFund helps you build wealth through investing in high-value real estate assets. With your initial investment, you co-own a diverse portfolio of multifamily apartment buildings in the fund. The fund then uses the rent collected on those properties to make value-add renovations. The renovations increase a building's value and, in turn, increase cash flow. Cash flow is reinvested into the fund and helps to purchase additional properties. And when the time is right, DiversyFund sells the properties, and any profits generated are split among investors.

DiversyFund knows the institutional-grade investing game and works hard to deliver institutional-grade investing to their community, made up of more than 17,000 everyday investors who've taken the first steps to build real generational wealth.

What makes DiversyFund unique?

DiversyFund, unlike its competitors, is a direct investing platform that is vertically funded. That means investing with this online platform is different than investing with the competitors in several significant ways.

First off, your money begins to work hard the moment you invest since you're investing in a partner, not a broker. DiversyFund sources, owns, and manages the real estate assets themselves. Secondly, DiversyFund invests alongside its investors. DiversyFund's incentives align with yours, in other words, so that you have the best chance to gain wealth.

On top of that, DiversyFund was SEC-qualified in November 2018. This matters because it means you can trust the fund is being transparent with their investing activities and that everything they do is under government oversight. The DiversyFund Growth REIT operates under public oversight, which means it must regularly file financial documents and undergo annual audits to comply with SEC regulations. This commitment to transparency assures everyday investors that the platform follows the highest compliance standards for managing their funds and investments.

Overall, alternative investments in real estate are a historically lucrative way to invest in this asset class. Yet, these opportunities are typically only available to the rich. DiversyFund makes it possible for the everyday investor to diversify their portfolio with alternatives to the stock market and build true generational wealth by investing in high-value private real estate. If that's you, don't wait to start investing today.


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