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How to Understand Corporate Branding vs. Personal Branding for Success

Forward-thinking brands do best by embracing the connection between both brands and by fostering positive, open communications between brands and employees. After all, each employee is a brand ambassador.

Jessica Wong

Is Rebranding the Right Move for Your Company? Here's How I Knew It Was Time

Big changes are everywhere. Is it time for you to tackle a big change of your own?

Michael Orlando

Boost Your Business with These First Impression Hacks

Want customers to flock to your brand? Focus on making a great first impression.

Kimberly Zhang

How an Outdated Brand Story Can Plateau Your Business

Contrary to popular belief, your brand story is so much more than a nicely written one-page manifesto you delegate to a copywriter.

Your Brand's Digital Presence is More Than SEO

Companies use SEO because they want to improve their online search presence, but for larger brands and national brands, many components of first-page search results are not impacted by SEO.

Jenny Karn

Want to Increase Sales? Leverage this Brand Hack

It's important to work on increasing your brand awareness if you want to succeed in today's highly competitive business environment. This guide offers some helpful tips to help you boost your brand's visibility both online and off.

Scott Baradell

Does Your Company Need A Rebrand? Here's Why, When and How You Should Do It.

Rebranding can help your business or organization stay competitive and relevant in today's ever-changing marketplace.

Adam Horlock

These Are America's 50 Most Patriotic Brands in 2022

Here are the top 50 brands consumers consider the most patriotic right now.

Chelsea Brown

Why You Need to Be an Influencer Brand and the 3 Rs of Becoming One

To intersect the customer journey, you need more than content and influencer marketing. You need to become an influencer brand.

Don't Believe These 4 Myths If You Want to Build a Strong Personal Brand

Many have the wrong ideas about what it takes to build a personal brand.

Imran Tariq

How to Build Brand Awareness and Loyalty

There are a number of elements that must come together to create a brand identity that resonates and lingers in a target market's memory.