Meta Plans Physical Stores to Showcase Its Virtual- and Augmented-Reality Devices

The company formerly known as Facebook has its eye on building the metaverse.

Amanda Breen

What's Behind Facebook's Rebranding? It Depends Who You Ask.

If it seems like Facebook is everywhere, that's because it is. Not only has the social media platform become inextricably woven into our lives and connections, but the company itself has been the story.

There is already a company called Meta and it is asking for several million to give the name to Mark Zuckerberg

Before choosing a name for your company, you should do some research that it is not yet registered by someone else, a small detail that Mark Zuckerberg forgot when he changed the name of Facebook to Meta.

They report a new global fall of Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, Meta's social networks

Users and Internet users worldwide are reporting failures in the social networks Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, now owned by Meta.

Facebook announces that it will stop using facial recognition on its networks

After several criticisms and accusations about the privacy of users on the social network, Facebook announces that it will remove all the data that has been collected in the years that the technology has been used.

Why Facebook Is Shutting Down Its Face-Recognition System

The process will take place gradually over the coming weeks.

When the World Goes Dark, Will Your Business Keep the Lights On?

Three areas to assess and diversify your business operations to protect your business from outages.

What will happen to my Facebook account now that Mark Zuckerberg announced Meta?

If you have doubts about the fate of your Facebook account now that it has changed its name to Meta, you are not alone.

What I Learned After Posting on 10 Platforms Every Day for 30 Days

An inside look into the challenges, discoveries and unexpected results that come from focusing on building an audience on social media and posting every day on every platform possible.

Frank Wazeter

Can I already buy Meta shares? Facebook's name change skyrocketed the value of Meta Materials

Facebook's name change to Meta prompted many investors to buy shares in Meta Materials, a Canadian company that has nothing to do with Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook, now Meta, already offers a career and certification in Augmented Reality

If you want to get your badge as a Spark AR Creator with official Facebook certification, you can now study the career in Augmented Reality that Meta now offers.