Instagram will start testing so that users can monetize by sharing NFT's in their accounts

The pilot program will start this week in the United States and could soon be expanded to other platforms such as Facebook.

Navigating Meta's Mixed Messages

How to start betting on Facebook's Meta'ing.

How to correctly take advantage of social networks to boost your business

Social networks continue to be a fundamental tool to communicate with your target audience. These tips will help you use them correctly.

Meta Rolls Out New Feature for People Who Want to Make Money in the Metaverse

The company also unveiled its Horizon Worlds Creator Bonus program for U.S. participants on Monday.

Amanda Breen

TikTok ad revenue in 2022 will exceed that of Twitter and Snapchat combined

The Chinese social network continues to grow by leaps and bounds and will exceed $11 billion dollars this year.

A survey confirms what we thought: TikTok is the favorite social network of teenagers

The study carried out by Piper Sandler among young Americans puts the Chinese social network as the favorite followed by Snapchat; Instagram is in third place.

The Metaverse Will Upend Real-Estate Assets. Are You Ready?

Those who get in during the early days will see the greatest rewards.

Kunal Lunawat

Russia bans the use of Facebook and Instagram and calls them extremists

Finally, Meta's social networks have been labeled "extremist" and definitively banned from Russian territory.

Free On-Demand Webinar: How to Run Facebook Ads on a Budget

Join Amanda Robinson, Facebook Ads expert, as she discusses the 4 components of Facebook ads to help you build momentum in your business.

NFTs Are Coming Soon to a Popular Social-Media Platform

The NFTs are coming to the platform in the 'near term.'

Chloe Arrojado

Amid Russia-Ukraine conflict Facebook and Instagram loosen some restrictions on hate speech

Following the block on Meta's social media activities, the company unveils some adjustments to its hate message policies.

What Metaverse Companies Need to Succeed

Big tech has already invested billions in the concept.

Tiana Burse