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IHOP Will Use AI to Help You Pick Your Perfect Pancake

The International House of Pancakes is enlisting artificial intelligence to help customers determine exactly what their tummy is in the mood for.

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In-N-Out Lawyers Go Animal-Style on Ripoff Mexican Burger Joint That Called Itself In-I-Nout

A Mexican In-N-Out copycat got itself into the legal fryer with the fast food brand.

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How One Beloved Burger Chain Is Spending Millions to Get Customers Through the Door

Burger King hopes remodeling and revamping the Whopper will bring customers to stores.

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In-N-Out Burger Implements No-Mask Policy in 5 States. Here's Why

In-N-Out Burger will forbid mask-wearing for employees without a valid medical note in five states starting August 14.

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Subway Is Saying Sayonara to Its Pre-sliced Meats and Introducing Deli Slicers to All U.S. Restaurants

The decision to slice deli meats on location is part of Subway's "ongoing transformation journey."

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Wendy's Is Giving Away Free Food While Mercury Is in Retrograde

The fast food chain is offering the 'Mercury Menu' deal from April 21 to May 14.

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Chick-fil-A Has the Country's 'Slowest Drive-Thru,' But It's Still Bringing in Major Profits

Despite ranking at the bottom for "speed of service," the fast-food chain is actually winning the drive-thru game.

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Taco Bell Brawl Over a Crunchwrap Supreme Takes Being Hangry to the Next Level

This viral video is perhaps not society's shining moment.


Chick-fil-A Is About to Sell Its New Chickenless Sandwich. What's In It?

Starting next week, the chicken chain will test its 'plant-forward' sandwich in three cities.

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In-N-Out Burger Is Moving East. Is It Coming to Your State?

The iconic hamburger chain announces that it will be opening up a new corporate hub and restaurants in Tennessee.

Green Entrepreneur

Your Fast-Food Burger May Soon Come Wrapped in Seaweed

An Australian University and a German manufacturer are developing sustainable packaging made from seaweed.

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People in the U.K. Are Lining Up at Dawn for a Fast Food Chain's Chicken

Since launching in England last year, chicken chain Popeyes is seeing record sales.

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Blendid's Automated Smoothie Kiosks Aim to Be a $300B Game Changer

The robotic smoothie kiosks are landing at college campuses, travel stops, and other high-traffic areas around the U.S. Here's how the startup is setting out to redefine the fast-food industry.


Picking a Winning Emerging Brand Is How You Get Rich in Franchising. Here's How to Spot One.

The key to generating wealth through franchising is to invest in an emerging brand. Here are 5 ways to help ensure you pick a winner.