Starting a Business

After Nearly Dying From an Eating Disorder, She Raised $75 Million for a Startup to Make Evidence-Based Treatment Affordable for Everyone

Kristina Saffran spent years in the nonprofit world figuring out the most evidence-based treatments, and then built a company on that knowledge.

Business News

Elizabeth Holmes — Now 'Liz' — 'Giggles' About Her Faux Deep Voice and Recalls 'Sleeping in Walmart Parking Lots' in RV Ahead of Trial

The mother of two convicted of multiple fraud charges still thinks she can change the world for the better.


Choosing Health over Happy Hour: Adaptogens in Non-Alcoholic Beverages are on the Rise and Here's Why

The "sober curious" are discovering a "healthier happy hour" with stress-reducing and wellness benefits from these non-boozy beverages

Business Culture

How Leaders Can Create a Company Culture that Prioritizes Mental Health

Mental Health Month: Four strategies to foster positive workplace culture toward mental health

Health & Wellness

Business Owners Can Stay on Top of Their Health With This $33 Smart Scale

A simple way for entrepreneurs to track their health.

News and Trends

World Health Day: CLIRNET Launches India's First AI-Powered Doctor's Assistant (AiDA)

Built on top of OpenAI platform, AiDA is a state-of-the-art tool that leverages advanced machine learning algorithms and natural language processing techniques to support doctors in making informed decisions, minimizing potential of human error, and providing the best possible care to their patients


How to Build a Healthier Workplace by Prioritizing Mental Health

Here are a few tips to help leaders take better care of their employees' mental health.

Thought Leaders

What Vision Loss Has Taught Me About Balancing Extremes in Business

A legally blind CEO gives her particular wisdom on navigating complex decisions and avoiding the tendency to go to extremes in business.

Making a Change

3 Simple Methods To Achieve Work-Life Balance And Combat Decision Fatigue

How to combat the ever-growing problem of decision fatigue and work-life balance.

News and Trends

Bravo Pharma Officially Partners With G42 Healthcare To Spearhead The Field Of Genomics

World-leading healthcare specialists Bravo Pharma have officially entered a strategic partnership with the region's pioneering AI-powered healthcare company G42 Healthcare.


9 Healthcare Marketing Strategies to Attract and Engage Patients

Healthcare marketing is a unique opportunity to build relationships and connections with your audience. Here's how you do it:

News and Trends

The Dozee Story: How F1 Cars And A Sleeping Dog Changed Indian Healthcare

Dozee is India's 1st AI-based contactless Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Early Warning System (EWS) for continuous patient monitoring.


Free Webinar | April 18: 5 Tips to Develop a Take-Action Mindset & Healthier Life

Ready to become your best self? Then join our free webinar as transformation coach and weight loss expert Charles D'Angelo teaches you actionable tips you can use to develop an empowered mindset that leads to a healthier life. Register now →


3 Daily Habits That Will Positively Affect and Protect Your Mental Health

Starting simple with daily habits can work wonders in improving your mental health.

Social Media

Is Social Media Making You Less Social?

In a time when we seem more social, we are also lonely and disconnected.