Beyond Compassion: Why Business Leaders Need to Care About Healthcare Disparities

Nearly 30 million Americans did not have health insurance in 2021. If you're a business owner, it's time to pay attention: These are not just statistics or people you'll never meet. They're your employees, your customers and even their families, and there's no better place to make change than within the walls of your own organization.

Humza Khan

HCA Healthcare Stock is Ready to Climb Higher

Hospital and healthcare facilities operator HCA Healthcare (NYSE: HCA) stock has been performing relatively strong compared to the benchmark indices during this bearish market sell-off.

Jea Yu

3 Secrets To Crushing Your Health Transformation Within the New Normal

COVID-19 created a new normal we live in. However, that does not mean we have to be out shape and unable to be in the best shape.

Reducing the Cancer Burden in Black Communities: The Role of Education and Investor Support

Black people are more likely to die from cancer than other racial group, yet there is significant underrepresentation of Black healthcare providers, scientists and advocates who can help to facilitate earlier cancer detection and better health outcomes.

Understand Your Health Better with This At-Home DNA Test Kit

DNA test kits aren't only good for discovering your ancestry. They can also help provide a better perspective on your health.

The Life-Changing Effects of Drinking More Water

Proper hydration is the key to transforming your life. Water has the ability to improve your career, personal life and overall health.

How to Make Exercise an Unbreakable Habit

It's easy for busy entrepreneurs to let physical activity slide out of their weekly routine. Here's how to incorporate exercise so it becomes a habit that's hard to lose.

John Boitnott

Big Tech Uses Data to the Detriment of Consumer Health, But We're Addicted. So What's the Solution?

These companies use our data to play upon some of our worst insecurities and dopamine receptors, creating a web-browsing experience that has even been compared to gambling.

Ariel Shapira

Why the Future of Healthcare Innovation Lies in Community

Facilitating infrastructure to build community could go a long way in targeting many of the healthcare industry's shortcomings.

George Kramb

10 Health Tech Trends Entrepreneurs Should Keep in Mind for the Next Decade

Healthcare is one of the few industries that actively embraces new technologies.

Olya Osokina