Your Shiny New Lenovo Laptop Might Be Vulnerable to Hacking

Experts say the world's largest PC maker pre-installed a virus-like software on laptops that makes the devices more vulnerable to cyberattacks.


· 2 min read

Lenovo Officially Closes $2.91 Billion Acquisition of Motorola Unit From Google

Deal paves the way for a fresh assault on the U.S. smartphone market.


· 1 min read

Google Sells Motorola at a Major Loss, But Keeps What It Really Wanted All Along

For the search giant, the sale of its smartphone-making division to Lenovo comes with good news as well as some bad news.

Jason Fell

· 2 min read

IBM to Sell Server Business to China-Based Lenovo for $2.3 Billion

The deal is expected to be the largest merger in Chinese history.

Benjamin Kabin

· 2 min read

Ashton Kutcher's Latest Role: Lenovo Product Engineer

The highest-paid actor on television has signed on to develop and market Lenovo's Yoga line of tablets.

Lyneka Little

· 2 min read