Luxury Brands

How to Launch a High-End Small Business

Building an iconic brand requires an in-depth understanding of the luxury consumer mindset.

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Designing luxury yacht and private jets interiors can make you a micro-influencer.

3 Reasons Luxury Assets Are the Hottest Investment Category Among Asian Millennials

Practical, tech-savvy and value-oriented, Asian millennials are increasingly prioritizing investments that augment their social status and personal values.

Anthony Zhang

Tiffany Is Selling Its Most Expensive Piece of Jewelry Yet

'The World's Fair Necklace,' unveiled in Dubai on Sunday, boasts a dazzling 180 carats of diamonds set in platinum.

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Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Pricing for a Luxury Design Startup

Extreme value is the goal of luxury brands and it must reflect in their pricing strategy.

Viral Video Exposes How One Luxury Fashion Company Destroys Unwanted Merchandise

The company has since announced that it's changing its goods policies.

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5 Steps to Discovering the Ideal Client Persona for Your High-End Brand

Being sure of who you are as a brand gives you the power to thrive in the luxury market. 

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From Digitized Flagship Stores to Cutter-Controlled Robots: What Luxury Looks Like in a Post-Pandemic World

The luxury industry had to rethink the way it did business during the pandemic, and the new models are likely here to stay.

Ariel Shapira

How to Compete in a Competitive Industry

If you can come up with a truly unique idea, this is a gateway to success with enormous potential. With no competition, you'd have exclusive access to your target customers. But truly unique ideas are rare.

Timothy Carter