Luxury Brands


Meet Luxury Retreats, the Airbnb of the World's Most Lavish Mansions

How a teen entrepreneur's secret trip to paradise gave birth to an online vacation rental business ahead of its time.

Tiffany Cuts Jobs as Sales Lose Sparkle

The company's traditional reluctance to offer promotions has been turning away thrifty customers and a stronger dollar has made purchases more expensive for tourists.

This Luxury Brand's New Ad Campaign Illuminates a Time-Honored Marketing Truth

Balmain, the social-media-savvy French fashion house, brings together iconic supermodels of the '90s in its latest push.
Luxury Brands

Can Cartier Recapture Its Sparkle in China?

Improving Cartier's image as a watchmaker in China, where wealthy women love its red boxes, may be top of the company's to-do list.
Wearable Tech

LG Just Rolled Out a $1,200 Gold Smartwatch

It's called the The LG Watch Urbane Luxe and only 500 will be made.
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8 Luxe Innovations That Prove You Made It

When it's time to treat yourself, we've got some suggestions.

Meet the Mastermind Who Designs Private Jet Vacations for the Ultra Wealthy

Geoffrey Kent has created unique and rare excursions for Bill and Melinda Gates, Sting and other power players.
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7 Luxe Products for Productivity and Style

There's no reason why efficiency can't be elegant.
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Fake It 'Til You Make It with These 5 Luxe Rental Startups

You're not a mogul yet. But you can act like one when you need to.
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Swamped? Someone Will Get That for You.

New startups run the errands you can't.
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For Luxe Clients, What You Should Say But Haven't

Your clients might not expect to hear these phrases but they can help your bottom line.
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The Suite Life: Luxe Travel and the New First Class

Expect luxury suites and Michelin-rated dining in the front of the cabin.
Sharing Economy

Sailo Wants to Be Your Airbnb for Yachting

This new startup connects boat owners with renters.

Cosmetic Firms Reinvent Their Marketing Using Instagram

Makeup companies market their wares using this burgeoning and photo-friendly social-media tool.
Luxury Brands

How Canada Goose Went From Small Outerwear Company to International Luxury Brand

When CEO Dani Reiss took the reins in 2001, Canada Goose was doing approximately $3 million in annual sales. Today, that number is north of $200 million.