5 Techniques to Future-Proof Your Marketing Career

The digital world is evolving rapidly, and marketers have to be more proactive than ever to remain relevant

Jatin Modi

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How AI Will Transform The Marketing Automation Industry

There is a slew of marketing platforms that come with the promise of AI. But do these products deliver on that promise?

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#7 Psychological Theories Every Marketer Should Consider

The beauty of the theory of reciprocity is that it is premised on the policy of give and take

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Online Video Advertising Trends to Watch Out For in 2018

Mass personalization to be the key to winning customer trust and wallet share in 2018

Vikas Katoch

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#7 Skills Marketing Professionals Must Have to Succeed

To be able to think like your audience and empathise with their needs and desires will push your brand to newer and greater heights

Anand Kumar

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#5 Reasons Why Content Marketing Fails And How To Avoid Them

Your content marketing campaigns will fall flat if you don't build a defined buyer persona.

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How to Build an Intrusive Model to Connect with Mobile Audience

Marketers for long have been perplexed, trying to understand and more importantly, get hold of an effective model to connect with their target audience on their smart phones.

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Top 5 Tips That Marketers Should Know When Selling a Tech Product

Relation is the best asset that a brand can create over time.

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#4 Tools To Grow Your Instagram Account

If you're a business wanting to promote your Instagram account, these are the perfect tools to boost audience engagement.

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7 Essential Skills for a Successful Marketing Career

Develop these cutting edge marketing skills and be on top of this new game.

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