The Ultimate Guide to Startup Marketing and Growth Strategies

In this article, we will discuss not only the metrics that startups need for their core operations but also the strategies to drive growth and investor confidence.


The 6 Key Metrics Successful Franchise Restaurants Use to Measure Potential

Here are six metrics that top franchise restaurants use — that you can use as well — to determine the potential of a new project and whether it's worth their time.

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ROI Isn't Everything — Don't Overlook These 6 'Immeasurable' Metrics That Define Business Success

ROI isn't the only marker of business success. Here are the metrics that truly matter.

Growing a Business

Why Focusing on KPIs Too Much Can Backfire

There's a big problem with glorifying KPIs — or at least relying on them too much. And too many companies today are falling into this trap.


Is Your Company Hitting These Engagement Metrics? If Not, You're Going to Lose Customers.

Engagement isn't just an industry buzzword that you can ignore. If you care about retaining your customers, you care about engagement and you should care about measuring it.


This is What You Need in Your 5-Year Marketing Plan

Every five-year marketing plan works around unknowns, but it's still possible to get a workable blend of fact and flexibility.

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"Tweets are read ~100 times more than they are liked," Musk Rolls Out New View Count Feature

Since tweets are more likely to be read than liked, the social media platform is rolling out a new metrics for its users


Is Your Hybrid Model Actually Working? Use These Success Metrics to Find Out.

How should a leader evaluate whether the model they adopted is optimal for their company's needs — or whether those needs require refinement?

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More Data Doesn't Mean Better Insight. Drive Product Growth With A Metric That Guides You to Success.

A North Star metric is the secret to product growth — but only if it meets certain criteria.

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Which Growth Metrics Actually Matter for Startups?

There is no single "one size fits all" or "correct" growth metric one should be religiously monitoring for their startup.


How to Successfully Implement Diversity Initiatives

What I learned about the organizational challenge of spearheading diversity efforts at my organization and achieving meaningful change as a result.

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How to Succeed on Social Media By Using Your Competitors

Benchmarking is an essential practice for staying ahead of the competition on social media.

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Your Net Promoter Score Is Vital to Your Business. Here's What It Is and How to Improve It.

In this modern age, there's no excuse for a bad net promoter score.

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The 5 Key Metrics Every Business Needs to Track

Using data the right way can provide businesses with a roadmap to success, but first, you need to know what to track.

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The Ugly Truth About 'Vanity Metrics': 3 Keys to Gaining an Accurate Picture

Data is hardly in short supply, which is why it's so important to understand what to measure and how it relates to your business.