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4 Ways to Build a Strong Online Brand (Despite the Chaos of the Internet)

Building trust and influence in a digital world is an ongoing process, and embracing these trends will help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of personal branding.

Thought Leaders

The Era of Faceless Branding Is Over — Here's Why Modern Brands Fail and Publicity Reigns Supreme in 2024

No longer can a brand hide behind its company logo and expect to thrive.

Growth Strategies

Saudi Arabia-Based Thmanyah's New Focus On Content Creators Strengthens Its Mission To Reimagine Arabic Media

Thmanyah's move comes at a time when content creation in the Middle East is not just receiving high consumer demands, but also regional government support.


5 Key Ways To Create a Unique and Authentic Brand That People Remember

By embracing who you are on a personal level, you create a brand that is not only unique but also genuine. In a world saturated with businesses vying for attention, authenticity is the key to standing out and building a loyal customer base.


What is Google Saying? Why a Positive Brand Reputation Online is So Important

Learn the many reasons why a positive online reputation is essential and what your business can do to take control of your online image.


11 Ways to Elevate Your Brand Beyond Just Likes and Followers

Gaining likes or followers shouldn't be the goal of your personal branding.

Growth Strategies

Redefining Value: Mark Nutter, Founder And Chairman, Yomly

As Emirates HR officially rebrands itself to Yomly, founder and Chairman Mark Nutter is getting set for his UAE-based enterprise to take on global markets.


How Diagnosing Your Brand Through the Metaphor of Mental Health Can Help You Get Unstuck

Explore how mental health metaphors like schizophrenia, anxiety and depression can illuminate your understanding of your brand, providing actionable insights to elevate your company's clarity and confidence.


When to Know If Rebranding the Right Move For You — and What You Should Focus on When It's Time

Discover if rebranding is what your company needs to work on by asking yourself key questions about why you want to rebrand in the first place and which key areas are most important to focus on, whether that be a refresh, partial or full rebrand.


5 Ways to Build Brand Customer Trust (and Why It Matters More Than Ever Before)

Marketing is getting harder than ever — but so is being a consumer.


¿Elon Musk se está arriesgando demasiado? ¿Por qué el cambio de marca de Twitter a 'X' podría parecerse a estos 6 errores de rebranding?

El rebranding exitoso requiere de una comprensión profunda del sentimiento del consumidor y una visión clara para el futuro.

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Is Elon Musk Pushing His Luck? Why Twitter's Rebrand to 'X' Might Resemble These 6 Rebranding Fails

Successful rebrands require a deep understanding of consumer sentiment and a clear vision for the future.


How to Create a Company Profile in 8 Simple Steps

If your business does not have a clear and unique identity, it will naturally be tough to raise investment or create a brand that customers prefer.


Forget Recession Planning — Use These 4 Recession-Defeating Strategies to Jumpstart Your Brand

The ability to recognize opportunities right now and go on the offense is about to pay dividends.


5 Timeless Storytelling Strategies to Use in Your Next Marketing Campaign

Telling a good story in your marketing is not just about coming up with a clever catchphrase or producing a heartwarming video, but seeing the world through your customer's eyes and crafting a narrative that resonates with them.