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In The Age Of CEO Reality TV Stars, A Founder Who Keeps Off Social Media

When we look at celebrated start-up founders, there's a certain profile which has become the norm.

Social Media

The Creative influencer: Krutika aka themermaidscales

Krutika kickstarted her career on TikTok where she began the process to make people extol for her work. Anime, Kpop, Make-up, and everything "The Mermaid Scales" wants to express was adored.


Why Is Your Competitor Getting News Coverage When You're Better Than Them? Here are 6 Ways to Outcompete Your Competitor for News Coverage

Here is what you can do to get your own name out there in the media, get a leg up on the competition and regain or maintain sure footing in your industry.

Science & Technology

With X's New Pay-to-Reply Feature, There Are Implications That May Impact Users and Businesses

X's latest move to gate replies furthers the ramifications of paid verification.

Business News

AI-Generated Voices and Deepfakes Are Surging on TikTok, Other Platforms — And European Regulators Have Had Enough

Advanced AI tools are enabling the creation of eerily convincing fake voices and deepfakes, and it's being exacerbated amid the Israel-Hamas conflict.


Supercharge Your Brand Awareness with These Game-Changing PR Tools

If you want a strong brand presence — and therefore more loyal customers — you need to unlock the power of two specific components of a public relations strategy.

Business News

Facial Recognition Tech Even Google Determined Was 'Too Dangerous' Raises Alarm Bells, Privacy Concerns

PimEyes, a facial recognition website, enables individuals to find someone's identity on the internet by uploading their picture.

Business News

Social Media Fraud Is On the Rise — And Even the Most Savvy Are Getting Scammed. Here Are the Most Common.

One in four individuals who reported being scammed since 2021 said it originated on social media, amounting to $2.7 billion in losses, per the FTC.

Thought Leaders

5 Key Elements to Master Thought Leadership and Establish Your Credibility

Here's how you can harness the power of thought leadership — and why you need to — in today's business landscape.

Starting a Business

Move Over Boomers and Millennials — Here's How Gen Alpha's Top Entrepreneurs Are Printing Money

From Roblox to Wall Street, the internet is Gen Alpha's playground. Here's how to succeed as a Gen Alpha entrepreneur.

Growing a Business

Running a Profitable Restaurant Is Not Easy. But Coach Chip Klose Has a Plan for You.

Author and restaurant coach Chip Klose discusses his method for making 20% profit in the restaurant business.

Business News

Heinz Announces New Condiment Mixture Inspired By Taylor Swift Dipping Sauce Meme

The multi-Grammy winner was spotted eating a chicken tender with ketchup and "seemingly ranch" while watching Travis Kelce at the Chiefs' game last weekend.

Growth Strategies

6 Ways To Improve Your LinkedIn Presence

If we had to pair social media platforms with professions they benefit or boost best, then we would club Instagram with photographers and videographers, and TikTok with dancers and singers, similarly Linkedin would pair best with businesses and entrepreneurs.

Social Media

4 Ways Regional Creators Approach Digital Influencing

Locally connected influencers help the brand remain rooted, real, and raw. Regional influencers are local experts with a lot of influence in their communities. They can help you get your message out and are often good at getting interested people to watch or read what they have to say. Here are four ways regional creators approach their work.

Social Media

We Are Disillusioned and in an Influencer Overdrive — Here's How to Find Authentic Guidance via Social Media Influencers

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook seem more unrealistic than ever. Remember when it was fun!? In the age of authenticity, we're not buying the dupliciousity of influencers.