Watch Our 8-Episode Crash Course on Crowdfunding

Watch Our 8-Episode Crash Course on Crowdfunding
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Cat Clifford, host of Crowdfund With Cat.

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Here are your Crowdfund with Cat Cliff's Notes!

The first season of Entrepreneur’s new web series covered topics such as what in the world equity crowdfunding means to what language is most effective in getting people to contribute to a crowdfunding campaign.

If you are interested in learning more about what it means to invest in a startup through equity crowdfunding or how to raise money through more traditional, donation-based crowdfunding, then welcome. This is your video-tutorial-introduction-to-crowdfunding crash course. Here’s a complete list of each episode we have published so far.  

If you have questions about crowdfunding that we haven’t answered yet, tweet at me! I am @CatClifford on twitter. Use the hashtag #CrowdfundwithCat and follow along with the conversation.

Episode 1: Equity Crowdfunding Explained -- Jargon Free

In this first episode of Crowdfund with Cat, Alon Hillel-Tuch, a co-founder of the crowdfunding platform RocketHub, walks us through what equity crowdfunding is and how it’s different from the more traditional donation-based crowdfunding.

Episode 2: Investing in Startups Is Opening Up to the '99 Percent'

In this second episode of Crowdfund with Cat, Alon Hillel-Tuch, a co-founder of the crowdfunding platform RocketHub, explains that as of May 16, a law change will mean that everyone can potentially be an investor in equity crowdfunding. Anyone with the cash and the interest will be able to invest in startups.

Episode 3: Who Is Equity Crowdfunding Right For?

Here we explore what kind of entrepreneurs would be best suited to raise money with equity crowdfunding and who should be considering investing in startups through equity crowdfunding.

Episode 4: How Does an Investor Make Money With Equity Crowdfunding?

Even still, investors can indeed be rewarded handsomely for taking a savvy risk on the right startup. How does that work, though? We answer that in our fourth episode of Crowdfund with Cat. In particular, what needs to happen for an investor to make money on an equity crowdfunding investment?

Episode 5: 3 Foundational Secrets to Running a Rockstar Crowdfunding Campaign

In our fifth episode of Crowdfund with Cat, Brian Meece, the co-founder of crowdfunding platform RocketHub, walks us through the foundational principles of running a successful crowdfunding campaign.


Episode 6: A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign Needs a Video. Here's What It Should Look Like.

The co-founder of crowdfunding platform RocketHub, Brian Meece, talks to us in this sixth episode of Crowdfund with Cat about what an effective crowdfunding video should look like. He also lays out the framework for how to produce one with limited resources.

Episode 7: Here's Your Game Plan for When and How to Communicate With Your Crowdfunding Backers

In the seventh episode of Crowdfund with Cat, Brian Meece, the co-founder of crowdfunding platform RocketHub, explains when and how crowdfunding campaign owners should be communicating with their crowdfunding backers.

Episode 8: Women Are Better Crowdfunders Than Men. Here's Why.

Women raise more money with crowdfunding than men do, all other things being equal, according to a study of nearly 10,000 Indiegogo campaigns.That’s because women tend to use more positive and inclusive language and that builds community with potential investors, says UC Berkeley Haas School of Business Assistant Professor Andreea Gorbatai. In the eighth episode of Crowdfund with Cat, we take a closer look at the language that comes naturally to women that makes them successful crowdfunders.

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