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Add These 11 Back-to-School Musts to Your Online Calendar Is back-to-school season stressing you out? There's no better cure than your online calendar. Before that first bell rings, there are a number of item...

By Deanna Ritchie

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Is back-to-school season stressing you out? There's no better cure than your online calendar.

Before that first bell rings, there are a number of items that need your attention as a parent. First, sending your kids back to school involves so much more than dropping them off at the bus stop. If you want them to succeed, you have to cover your bases.

Back-to-School Musts to Your Online Calendar

Using an online calendar, you can make the return to school as seamless as possible. Here's how:

Sign Up for Classes

You can't attend school without signing up for classes. While younger kids may not need to choose their classes, there are some registration steps every student needs to take before their schedule is finalized.

Add key registration events, such as immunizations and parent-teacher introductions, to your online calendar, so you don't miss them. Also, remember that any extracurriculars your kids might want to participate in may have their own registration dates.

School Shopping

School supplies will need restocking before classes resume. Be sure to replace those lost pencils and worn-down notebooks. Scheduling your back-to-school shopping ensures your children have everything they need.

Your online calendar can help you keep track of deals and shopping routes. You can also schedule an inventory day to double-check what you need before going on your spending spree.

Schedule a Haircut

Kids want to look their best for their school pictures, teachers, and friends. Getting a quick trim before school begins will give them the confidence they need for their first day back.

Scheduling a hair appointment in your online calendar is easier than Kindergarten math. However, if getting the kids out of the house on time is a challenge, set a reminder for 30 minutes beforehand.

Clean the House

Kids make messes, particularly when they're home all summer. So before they head back to school, enlist their help, giving your house a deep clean.

Schedule a cleaning day in your online calendar with a list of everything that needs to be done. You'll be glad you tackled all the tidying before the semester is in full swing again.

Attend Parent-Teacher Meetings

If your school holds a parent-teacher conference before classes officially start, make sure you take advantage of it. This is a chance for you to meet your kids' teachers and talk through their expectations for the school year.

Don't wait: These slots tend to fill up fast. Instead, use smart scheduling links to simplify finding a time that works for both you and your kids' teachers.

Plan Meals

Have you thought about what you'll do for breakfast in the mornings? Will you be packing your kids' lunch, or will they be buying it? What's the plan for dinners during that first week back?

Making sure your children eat well is critical for their growth and development. Putting together a meal plan before classes start ensures that your kids get the nutrition they need.

Talk Through Your Kids' Goals

A lot of kids think of school as a waste of time. To keep your kids from feeling this way, sit down with them for a planning and goal-setting session before school starts.

Pick a date and time in your online calendar to talk through their priorities. Maybe their goal is to obtain certain grades or learn a particular skill. Perhaps it's a long-term goal, such as choosing a career path. Whatever it is, please put it in writing to make it more concrete.

Get Used to the Early Schedule

Summer is a time to relax and have fun, which might mean you've been letting your kids sleep in for the past few months. If so, getting up for school as the sun comes up might be a tough transition.

With your online calendar, you can help your kids get back into a solid morning routine. Don't wait until the night before: The sooner you start, the easier the reset will be.

Tune Up Your Car

Even if your kids ride the bus, you'll need to shuttle them to extracurricular activities and friend’s houses. So make sure your car is in top shape before it breaks down on the way to soccer practice.

Before the school year begins, schedule a maintenance check for your vehicle. A mechanic will be able to spot problems before they become catastrophes. While you're there, go ahead and get your oil changed and tires rotated. Knowing your vehicle is safe will give you peace of mind on every trip.

Visit the Doctor

Kids get sick. It's inevitable, especially in the school environment. However, a check-up at the doctor can make sure your kids are healthy enough to keep germs and viruses at bay.

Add doctor's appointments to your online calendar. After the appointment, add their recommendations to the notes section of the event. If your kids are planning to participate in sports, this is also a great time to take care of their routine physical evaluation.

Plan a Last Hurrah

Send off summer in style by adding a final day of fun to your online calendar. Planning a last hurrah is a great way to bring summer vacation to a close as school responsibilities take over.

You can plan a day trip, dinner, or other fun activity with the whole family. Consider inviting some of your kids' friends from school so they can celebrate together. Let your kids get out their remaining summer energy before they're stuck in a classroom again.

Don't let the first day of school sneak up on you. Instead, fill up your online calendar with these necessities, and your kids will be ready for another year for fun and learning.

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