Ankle-Monitored Anna Delvey Brings Fashion Week to Her Apartment Rooftop While on House Arrest Delvey and PR pro Kelly Cutrone hosted a fashion show atop Delvey's East Village apartment building.

By Sam Silverman

Key Takeaways

  • Delvey has been on house arrest as she appeals deportation.
  • Though she couldn't leave her East Village apartment to attend Fashion Week shows, she found an alternative.

Infamous "fake heiress" Anna Delvey has gone from courtroom posing to hosting a full-fledged fashion show while on house arrest.

Delvey has been on house arrest for nearly a year as she appeals deportation following a two-year prison stay for defrauding New York's elite out of $275,000, per The New York Times, and 18 months in immigration detention for overstaying her visa. Though she can't leave her home, she brought New York Fashion Week to her, holding a fashion show atop the roof of her East Village apartment.

The show, which highlighted designer Shao Yang, is part of Delvey's latest business venture. She launched a "pop-up fashion PR agency" called the OutLaw Agency with PR legend and owner of People's Revolution agency Kelly Cutrone.

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However, the show was far from the glitz and glamour typical of fashion week. Those in attendance packed onto Delvey's residential rooftop, which was wet from rainfall less than an hour prior, according to CNN.

Delvey told the outlet that she asked her neighbors for approval ahead of the show, but she didn't share details with her landlord so he was not liable.

@nicolasxavierhall Anna Delvey and Kelly Cutrone hosted a fashion show on the roof of Anna's East Village apartment #nyfw #annadelvey #kellycutrone ♬ Perfect (Exceeder) - Vocal Club Mix - Mason & Princess Superstar

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The scene was crowded with guests including former Real Housewives of New York star Leah McSweeney. Models had to climb up five flights of stairs to reach the rooftop and were photographed navigating the narrow roof and posing in front of an air conditioning unit.

Delvey told CNN after the show that she is all-in on her new endeavor and even brought some tips from prison.

"I learned about a lot about tailoring being in jail," she told the outlet.

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Delvey told CNN there was some pushback when the model agencies learned about her involvement in the project, but she and Cutrone aren't phased.

"People can think whatever they want, but we just like having fun and they can take it or leave it," Delvey said. "Who cares?"

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