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Two Rembrandt Paintings Are Headed to Auction After Being Hidden for 200 Years. Here's How Much They're Expected to Fetch.

The works of art are the last pair of Rembrandt portraits to remain in a private collection.

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Longtime 3M Executive Terminated for 'Inappropriate Conduct' Just One Month After Promotion

Michael Vale, who worked for 3M for more than 30 years, has been fired for cause.

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'Think Carefully': Musk Issues Stark Warning About New Hires to Tesla Employees

The Tesla CEO sent out an email to all employees on Monday asking for more transparency in the company's hiring process.

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Entrepreneurs Are Driving the Most Economic Growth In These 10 U.S. States, According to Shopify Internal Data

A recent report found that Delaware, Wyoming, and California were leading in entrepreneurial contributions to their local economies in 2022.

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AI is Disrupting Higher Education — Will Traditional Colleges Survive?

AI is booming, and students are using it to navigate assignments. Will colleges survive?

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Americans' Debt Just Exceeded $17 Trillion for the First Time — Here's the Smartest First Step to Fix Your Finances

Debt hit new record balances in nearly every category, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York reported.

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The Virgin Islands Want to Serve Elon Musk a Subpoena, But They Can't Find Him

Government officials would like to talk to Tesla's owner as part of an investigation into the Jeffrey Epstein case.

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5 Actionable Strategies to Integrate AI Into Your Business Communications

With its rising popularity in recent months, learn how to take advantage of AI and streamline your business.

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Watch: Elon Musk Danced the Night Away at a Rave In Mexico After Appointing New Twitter CEO

Musk announced this week that former NBCUniversal Executive Linda Yaccarino is replacing him as chief executive.