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5 Ways to Protect Your Business From a Recession

Recession. That word alone can strike fear into the heart of a small business owner. But don't fear! These strategies will prepare you for financial insecurity.

Baruch Labunski

3 Reasons Why Franchise Systems Are So Valuable

Franchise systems continue to be gobbled up at higher and higher valuations because of these three value drivers.

Tom Spadea

Your Holiday Shipping Is About to Get a Lot More Expensive as USPS Jacks Up Prices

The USPS plans to implement price increases on select packages during its busy season.

Emily Rella

Tesla's New Gigafactory Could Be in Canada, According to a New Filing

New documents indicate that the EV company may be eyeing Ontario for its next stomping grounds.

Emily Rella

CEO Gets Dragged After Posting 'Infuriatingly Cringe' Crying Selfie After Laying Off Employees

A LinkedIn post by Braden Wallake, the CEO of HyperSocial, is making the rounds for being out of touch.

Emily Rella

Chipotle to Pay $20 Million to Workers in Largest of its Kind Settlement

The payout affects approximately 13,000 employees of the fast-casual chain.

Emily Rella

'It's Important to Avoid an Emergency': Musk Offloads $6.99 Billion in Tesla Stock

New financial documents show that the billionaire sold an estimated 7.92 million shares of his electric car company.

Emily Rella

The Real Estate Housing Market Is Shifting: Too Many Homes, Not Enough Buyers

As mortgage rates surged, prospective homeowners were priced out. Now there are not enough buyers for an increasing number of homes.

U.S. Open Ticket Sales Hit 'Unprecedented' Sales Upon Serena Williams' Retirement Announcement

Tickets for the tennis tournament are flying after Serena Williams announced it could be her last time on the court.

Emily Rella

9 Motivational Quotes from Serena Williams

Serena Williams' historic win at Wimbledon on Saturday left the world in awe of her talent. Here's how she keeps her mental game sharp on and off the court.

Amazon Delivery Driver Rattled After Having to Make 180 Stops in One Day

Amazon employee Cameron Smiley claims to have had an abnormally busy day on the job in a viral TikTok video.

Emily Rella