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Spain's Prime Minister Wants His Country to Stop Wearing Ties

The Prime Minister of Spain is ditching his tie to stay cool, and he wants the rest of his country to do so, too.

Amazon Scams Are on the Rise -- Here Are the Warning Signs You're Being Targeted

Scammers are posing as Amazon representatives over text messages in an attempt to steal valuable information.

Emily Rella

Meet the Women Behind Some of McDonald's Most Iconic (And Essential) Ingredients—And How They're Setting New Standards

The manufacturers of McDonald's essential ingredients know how to deliver quality and inspire change.

Popular Sunscreen Pulled From Shelves (Again) For Containing Cancer-Causing Chemical

Three batches of Banana Boat sunscreen are being recalled after an internal review linked them to containing a carcinogen.

Emily Rella

Amazon and Apple Report Strong Quarterly Results, Despite Recession Fears

The tech giants remain optimistic, yet realistic, considering the current economic conditions.

JetBlue Is Acquiring Spirit Airlines and Its Yellow Planes for $3.8 Billion

If approved by antitrust regulators, the deal is expected to close by the first half of 2024.

Amanda Breen

The Mega Millions Jackpot Has Passed $1 Billion – But That's Before Taxes

For the fourth time in history, a lottery prize is over a billion dollars - and the tax bill is equally astronomical.

Why Remote Work Shouldn't Be Up for Debate

Organizations face roadblocks of all kinds. Demonizing remote work or putting in-office work on a pedestal is not the answer, and recent data supports this.

Why Companies Need to Think More Strategically About Their Environmental Impact

George Bandy, Jr., a global leader in sustainability, explains why companies need to take a more strategic approach when it comes to tackling environmental issues.

Who Is Google Co-Founder, Sergey Brin?

Brin is a billionaire, entrepreneur and computer scientist who co-founded Google at the age of 25.