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Netflix and Microsoft Will Team Up on a Cheaper, Ad-Supported Option

The streaming giant plans to release an ad-supported, cheaper option.

Gabrielle Bienasz

This Company Has Donated Computers, Software, and More Than 1 Million Dollars Worth of COVID Tests to Hospitals in Ukraine

The co-founder and co-CEO of Intrivo shares why he traveled to Ukraine to help distribute COVID tests, how he brought laptops to war-torn hospitals, and what you can do to help.

Jessica Abo

13-Year-Old Makes History as Youngest Black Person to Get Accepted Into Medical School

Thirteen-year-old prodigy Alena Analeigh Wicker just reached an awe-inspiring accomplishment.

Wendy Medina

How to Make Great Content -- And Get More Views

This content planning strategy gets proven results.

Peter Daisyme

5 Worst Gen Z Myths Debunked

Here's the hard data on what younger members of the workforce are really looking for in a career.

Paul Rubenstein

World Economic Forum: Women Are Hurt More by Cost of Living Increases

The World Economic Forum had some mixed news on gender equality.

Gabrielle Bienasz

How Digital Nomadism Is Changing the Entrepreneurship Landscape

Lockdowns and border closures have created a new era for digital nomadism.

Anton Lucanus

2 Stocks That Could Help Grow Your Portfolio in 2022

The June inflation report came hotter than expected, which could prompt the Fed to go ahead with another massive rate hike. However, experts still believe there are some opportunities for...

Anushka Dutta