Business Idea Center - Entertainment & Events

Balloon Bouquet Service

Tap your creative strengths to bring smiles to customers with balloon bouquets.


If you have a way with words and like being in front of a crowd, try being an auctioneer.

Reunion Organizer

Bring old classmates together by organizing reunions.


Reward yourself--and someone else--with a business that makes trophies.

Holiday and Event Decoration

Love to decorate? Share the wealth as a holiday and event decorator.

Murder Mystery Parties

Have a flair for the dramatic? Host murder mystery parties.

Music Lessons

Share the sound of music with your students.

Party Entertainment Service

Are you always the life of the party? Make it your business.

Party Tent Rentals

Help people prepare for perfect parties

In-Store Demonstration Service

Do you know how to hold a crowd's attention? Create in-store demonstrations.

Entertainment Booking Agent

Put your networking skills to work as an entertainment booking agent.

Extras Only Agency

Some people just want to be seen. An extras only agency ensures clients they'll get their 15 minutes of fame.

Linen Supply Service

Sell or rent linens to a variety of clients, from hotels to event planners.

Party Balloon Service

Selling and setting up these party products may balloon into a great business.

Party Entertainer

Always been the life of the party? Start a party entertaining business.