Business Idea Center - Page: 3 - Entertainment & Events

Independent Music Label

Make your millions by finding under-the-radar performers with talent.

Modeling Agency

Use your connections to get models their big break.

Karaoke DJ Service

Take the karaoke to where the party is. What business owner doesn't want to leave his or her customers singing?

Charity Events

Make a business out of helping charity events be as successful and profitable as they can be, while earning money from your advertising clients.

Street Entertainer

Have extraordinary talent and want to make money independently? Try this idea and give those street mimes some competition.

Mystery Dinner Parties

A passion for drama, imagination and social interaction could make this perfect for you.

Wedding Singer

Love to sing? Be the life of the party for a living.

Charity Casino Organizer

Make a business of combing fun with charity by renting out casino services or locations for events.

Singles-Only Dances

Play the match-making field with singles that want to meet face to face.

Midway Rides And Games

Contract out the essential resources for every local fair.

Voice Overs

You can use your impressive voice for more than commercials.

Old-Time Radio Programs

Nostalgic productions can be brought to life with a love for acting and history.

Comedy Club

People can always use a laugh. Keep them smiling by giving comedians an outlet for their material.

Disc Jockey Service

Bring a reception or other celebration to life by supplying the music.

Singing Telegram Service

Harmonize singers with a sentimental business.