Business Idea Center - Media/Publishing

Community Business Maps

Guide tourists to local attractions and points of interest but don't be surprised if you get lost in the profits.


Don't want to deal with agents? Become a self-publisher.

Freelance Writer

There are numerous points of entry for anyone interested in getting paid to express themselves in written form.

Graphic Design

Take your flair for design and start a business.

Niche Greeting Cards

Let others use your unique perspective to express themselves--with a niche greeting card biz.

Community Entertainment Directory

Make sure residents never say "There's nothing to do tonight" again.

Building History Guides

Building guides can bring the past to life for locals and tourists.

Independent Record Label

Take your passion for music and start an indie record label for your favorite artists.

Self-Publishing Consultant

Know the secrets to self-publishing? Help others who want to succeed too.

Transcript Service

A transcript service is unique, homebased and can generate a good income. How else should we spell it out for you?

Press Release Service

With up to 700,000 businesses being started each year, a press release service is in high demand.

Book publishing

The book publishing industry has more competition and more readers than ever.

Jingle Writer

Don't let a lifetime of watching and listening to commercials go to waste--use your knowledge to make money for yourself.

Restaurant Menus

Combine page designing talent with a love for food with this business idea.

Restaurant Placemats

Put designing capabilities to use on restaurant placemats.