Business Idea Center - Page: 3 - Media/Publishing

Business Directories

A collection of contact information for members of an industry can direct profits your way.

For Sale By Owner Kits

Help cars, homes and other property get sold by creating for sale by owner kits. These can include tips on marketing and purchase form templates.

Correspondence and Training Manuals

If you have time, patience and an interest in repeat clients, start a business producing correspondence and training manuals for businesses, schools and other organizations.

Puzzle and Game Books

Combine fun and local advertising by starting a puzzle and game book publication.

Employment and Career Publications

Start an employment and career publication and work from home, or expand your business into a national franchise.

Small Business Guides

Create small business guides and take advantage of the growing influence of small businesses in the U.S. and Canada.

Campus Newspaper

Give college students an alternative to their university newspaper.

Digital Printing Service

Traditional print shops are a thing of the past. With more businesses taking advantage of digital technology, a digital printing service is an ideal way to follow the trend.

Health-Care Newspaper

Spread the word about health tips and new procedures and products with a newspaper supported by local practitioners.

How-To Books

The things you can teach people "how to" do are countless.

Community Newsletter

Love where you live? Start a community newsletter.

Community Website

Bring your local flavor to the web for all to see.

Newsletter Publisher

Help businesses and organizations get their news out by publishing newsletters.


Take your crusade against bad grammar and spelling to a career as a proofreader.

Food Influencer

Blog, vlog or 'gram about food.