Business Idea Center - Page: 2 - Media/Publishing

Online Studio Musicians

Help produce tracks for musicians from far and wide.

Stock Watch Publication

Use writing and stock market know-how to develop your own publication.

Drive-By Broadcasting

Help people promote their businesses with short-range FM broadcasts.

Personalized Story Time Books

Are you a pro at creating sentimental items for families? Look into personalized story time books.

Online Entertainment Listings and Reviews

People are always in search of dining, entertainment and attraction information and reviews.

Home Office Resource Guide

Working from home can be isolating. Help home workers thrive with a specialized guide.

Home Decorating Guide

No, print isn't dead. Give homeowners a decorating guide they can flip through while sitting on their couch.

Specialty Greeting Cards

When people need to say more than "Happy birthday, Mom," they turn to specialty greeting cards.

Company Newsletters

Companies don't always have the in-house resources to produce their own newsletters. That's where you come in.

Coupon Books

Businesses want more customers, and customers want a bargain. Satisfy the needs of both groups.


Beautiful invitations will never go out of style. Draw in clients with creative marketing and high quality.

Home Safety Guides for the Elderly

Seniors and their families will appreciate guides with information on preventing fraud and creating a safe home.


If you've looked at your mailbox lately, you'll know catalogs aren't dead. Get in on this industry by helping produce them.

Event Programs

From school plays to weddings, plenty of events depend on programs.

Barter and Swap Publication

One person's trash is another's treasure. Bring these people together with a barter and swap publication.