Get All Access for $5/mo CEO Sachin Dev Duggal Wants to Make Creating Apps As Easy And Quick As Ordering A Pizza With His Artificial Intelligence-Powered No-Code Platform With a vision to make app creation simpler for small business owners, office managers, business analysts and others, has assimilated certain techniques to help users save money as well as time.

By Entrepreneur Middle East Staff Edited by Aby Thomas

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Sachin Dev Duggal, founder,

For those in the business ecosystem who possess little to no experience in machine coding, development work, or programming to create apps, serial entrepreneur Sachin Dev Duggal's latest creation,, may prove to be the perfect solution.

Built as an artificial intelligence (AI) powered software development platform, uses low- or no-code development techniques to enable easy and quick creation of applications. What this entails is that the traditional requirement to write individual lines of software code can be by-passed using the platform.

"What we started to see was that more and more people wanted to be empowered but without having to rely on developers," Duggal says. "So we started our journey by trying to solve this issue and cut back on extensive timelines. We wanted to unlock the potential and make it possible for everyone to build software applications whenever they want and set their own deadlines."

Duggal reveals that with, creating apps can be as easy, and quick, as ordering a pizza. Thus, with a vision to make app creation simpler for small business owners, office managers, business analysts and others, has assimilated certain techniques to help users save money as well as time.

For starters, users can assemble the desired automated process by graphically selecting and connecting reusable components that represent certain stages or capabilities (and contain the actual code). Users may then build programs as if they were making a flowchart, rather than writing line-by-line scripts for every necessary function and capability. Additionally, the platforms also have features that facilitate experimentation, prototyping, testing, and deployment.


According to Duggal, little and no code models have proven their mettle owing to the multiple apps that continue to be created using them. As such, the founder believes that the creation of is a testament to the growing need for AI-driven innovations in today's world.

"The potential of AI research is so great that it's become harder to imagine a world without it," he says. "By 2030, AI will be widely used in daily life, whether it's in self-driving cars, more accurate weather forecasts, or space exploration. Recently, ChatGPT, another AI tool, rose to fame within a week of its release. The most distinctive aspect of OpenAI's chatbot is that it responds to all of your questions in a manner that is consistent with a person. While both supervised learning and reinforcement learning have been used to hone ChatGPT, it is the reinforcement learning element in particular that sets ChatGPT apart. In order to reduce damaging, untruthful, and/or biased outputs, the designers apply a specific approach called Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF)."

Duggal's observations stem from years of prior experience as a tech entrepreneur. He was only 17 when he built one of the world's first automatic currency arbitrage trading systems for Frankfurt-based German multinational investment bank Deutsche Bank. At 21, he launched cloud computing company Nivio, taking it to just under US$100m in valuation before exiting. Now, with, Duggal hopes to help people build new ideas and designs, and achieve growth by building apps using pre-built frameworks and templates.

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