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Why Entrepreneurs Need to Use Activity Based Learning Method in Education Emphasizing the Method of Teaching

By Franchise India Staff

This story originally appeared on Franchise India

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As India is becoming an education hub, franchisors have started to understand the importance of activity-based learning, boosting the development of a child's brain. It helps them understand and learn various concepts and theories which franchisors believe are essential for their growth and development of the environment as well.

What is activity-based learning method?

It is a method usually adopted by teachers, emphasizing their method of teaching through student participated activities. Education franchisors can be seen investing in such models, as its well proved that the more the senses are stimulated, more a person learns and retains it. Learning by doing is considered as the mantra.

Recently, an activity-based learning startup, Magic Crate has claimed to have shipped more than 5 lakh activity crates till date. Viswanathan Ramakrishnan, Founder, Magic Crate says, "About 80% of critical brain development happens before the child turns 8 and it becomes a big challenge to engage them at home. Magic Crate is solving this pain point for millions of busy but well-intentioned parents."

Why should franchisors invest in this model?

Franchisors could proceed with this learning method, which enhances the learning experience among the students. They could help them develop while memorizing and understanding things. By proceeding with this model, franchisors could instantly provide the skill of problem-solving, through their own investigation and analysis. Entrepreneurs can make an impact in the industry by providing students with various other skills, apart from the content of the lesson like:

  • Providing reality of learning
  • Making good use of the resources available
  • Helping in building a student's self-confidence, developing understanding through their work.
  • Developing a happy relation between students, and teachers and students.
  • Educating them about all subjects via activity.

Activity-based learning encourages the child to learn through experimentation and exploration. The sensory experience and action make the learning better and more impactful.

This article was originally published on Franchise India by Shahram Warsi .

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