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InCourt Legal News Like Never Before InCourt, an app and web based platform gives away all the legal and business updates in short and simple 60 words.

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While we cannot be very sure if Indian legal sector will ever witness an 'Uber Moment' but yes, we are very sure that there has been a major disruption in this section. After the start-up boom, back in 2015, ventures started off in almost every field. However, nothing major came up in the legal sector.

Concepts came, ventures started but those mostly dealt with the traditional service part or providing easy database or search engines for law. There hasn't been anything which could look at the grass root level when it comes to legal literacy of an ordinary man. There has been nothing that aims to bring change in the way legal picture is looked at in general. However, InCourt, a one-and-half-year old start-up based in Greater Kailash 1 is working hard to change this.

InCourt, an app and web based platform gives away all the legal and business updates in short and simple 60 words. The news brief is coupled with informative pictures, videos and link to the detailed news piece. Sanjay Aggarwal, Founder of InCourt who comes with around two decades of experience in the legal business says, "We really want to work hard and bring a value product to the people. We want to change the way people look at the Indian legal system." He not only conceived the idea of InCourt but also worked tirelessly to bring the whole concept to substance. Sanjay stands firm like a rock when it comes to motivating the team or mentoring the other co-founders. Not only this, Sanjay Aggarwal has been an early stage investor for InCourt too.

His experience with Eagle Riders (world's oldest and largest venture in adventure tourism on luxury bikes), and his association with Kishore Biyani in Elisir Lifestyle Pvt Ltd has been of a great help while ideating the concept of InCourt. He also runs Insurance Samadhan ( www. insurancesamadhan.com ), a platform that handles grievances of life and health policy holders. M Abhijnan Jha, yes! As strangely as his name is spelt are his ways. Another co-founder and an NLU-Jodhpur product, he has been the brain behind all the ideas and processes. When we asked about his journey so far, he dedicates it all to the team and the interns who worked hard with him amidst all the technical and financial crunches but never let go off the aim.

InCourt by InCourt News Pvt. Ltd. is up and running with around 17,000 downloads and 9000 active users with great feedbacks from the users. It has a dedicated content team which curates the legal updates, news and changes that take place. New version of the app has been launched with many remarkable features like search, wire, voiceover. Rightly said, anything legal is just a swipe away. Garima, NLU Lucknow alumni, had joined InCourt just after few months of its inception. She has been operating as the VP and donning as many hats as required to keep the product and team on the run.

Talking about the future of the product she tells, "We have designed the app and the content in such way as to suit the needs of budding entrepreneurs, aspiring and current law students, lawyers, business professionals, CA and CS aspirants. Along with that we are working ahead to introduce various other models which will be strictly on the basis of our customer needs. Take for example start ups; knowing about each and every compliance and being able to manage it is a task, we plan to make it simpler for them."

"Bringing as many channels as possible on board and making the content interesting even for the general public is what we will count as success," she adds. No market leader is ever made without a great team. Same is the case with InCourt. Ashima Chadha and Shraddha Lal, who head the curation vertical and editing vertical respectively, are almost never offline. Ashima's laptop in fact does not need a shutdown button. It is a pleasure to watch both the ladies pushing the limits. It is a fact that not even 1 per cent of the Indian population would wilfully want to take recourse of legal machinery if there is even a slightest chance to avoid it.

"We are not a very law-friendly people. This is the challenge. It is very important for a layman to understand the law. To know what it talks about and how it works. All we care about is the current financial year's tax slab and when your daughter is being ill treated, how can the law help her," Garima adds. So, law has always been there to make things easier for us. It is just the ignorance of it that has raised so many problems.

InCourt, in this regard has started blog on its web portal. Rakshita Verma, who is a feature writer for this section gives the most interesting takes on the topics that are hard to talk about. Courageous that she is, her take on legal subjects are even more distinct. Jatin Sahani, who is also one of the co-founders and is handling the technical front, mentions about the technical edge InCourt provides to all its users. He goes on to mention that it will be for the first time that such an elaborate sector of study will be dealt with and curated to make it an easy read for almost every one.

Moving on, team InCourt plans to introduce new products which will deal in specific subscribed contents in the areas of taxation, labour laws, IPR, Company Laws and International Laws and other complex compliance related fields. This attempt to innovate with the way law is perceived in our country will definitely be worth the watch.

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