Charlie Chaplin, What He Spoke Without Speaking

Over an illustrious career spanning 75 years, Chaplin created a name for himself one that is recognised by all even today

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Movies from the bygone era have left behind a mark which has found its way into filmmaking courses even today. They have given us names to reckon with and to learn from. One such name is of Charlie Chaplin. The Tramp came on screen and lit up the space, even without saying anything.

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Over an illustrious career spanning 75 years, Chaplin created a name for himself one that is recognised by all even today (even by those who haven't watched his movies). His work has also been emulated by scores of others over the years. One of the most known personalities across the world, Chaplin isn't just regarded an actor anymore but a textbook of infinite possibilities.

Entrepreneurs too have a lot to take away from that testbook known as Charlie Chaplin. As we remember him on his birthday, here are the skills start-up founders can learn from Chaplin

Building a Brand

Born on 16 April, 1889, Charlie Chaplin's road to success wasn't a smooth one. Coming from a background where his single mother struggled financially and was also sent to the mental asylum, Chaplin before the age of 9 was sent to a workhouse (a place that offers support to those who can't find accommodation or employment). But he rose from the ashes and went on to work as a stage actor. He showed the world his very famous "Tramp" persona and his films shot to fame. By 1919, he had even established the distribution company United Artists.

With movies like The Gold Rush, Citylights etc., Chaplin became one of the world's most known personalities.

For entrepreneurs, there's a takeaway here. No matter what your circumstance is, if you are persistent you can build your own brand and go a long way.


As all entrepreneurs know, starting up doesn't mean working on one particular thing throughout. Instead, as the founder, you are expected to manage all departments and often become a single man army for your start-up. Much like what Chaplin did in his movies. He wrote, directed, produced, edited, acted and composed music for most of his films.

Handling failure

Like in every star's journey, Chaplin's too wasn't one devoid of controversies. Accused of being a communist supporter, led to many questions being raised. Chaplin had to leave the United States because of a FBI investigation. With the depiction of Hitler in The Great Dictator, he was said to be overtly political in his views. His popularity begin to fade even though the film on Hitler made a lot of money. But in his fading popularity too, Chaplin saw a film (Limelight).

Entrepreneurs too need to know that not every time the light will be in their favour, but they will have to work their way around it to handle failures well.

Leaving Behind a Legacy

Chaplin, with and without controversies, is remembered even today for his great productions. He has left behind a legacy that is revered by all. Therein, lies another learning for entrepreneurs. Persevere and pursue your idea so well, that you build your own legacy. Even if you falter, there's always a comeback.