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From Sleeping Aids to Vagina Trackers, 5 Tech Wearables That Aren't Just For Hipsters Move away iWatch & FitBit, these new wearable trends are sure to be popular in 2016

By Rustam Singh

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Apple Watch and FitBit aren't the only cool tech wearables in town. From clothing technology and textiles that can charge your phone by walking, or illuminate if you're a night bike rider, to GPS watches, to smart glasses, technology is shrinking in size and increasing in performance every day. Activity trackers offer health monitoring, diagnostics and can even potentially save your life. Wearables are finally shifting their focus from hipsters looking to flaunt their cool gizmo to entrepreneurs and productive members of society that are looking to monitor their life.

Check out these 6 wearable technologies that are straight from the future:

Sleeping Aids

Wearables such as Kukoon work on the principle of patented super comfortable foam cushioned earphones designed to wrap your ears and help you catch the most rejuvenating health treatment mankind has got - sleep. It also claims to use an especially designed air circulation which maintains an acoustic seal. Wirelessly working an app in your phone, EEG sensors play a soothing music scientifically established for your brain to reach peek productivity - whether you're a programmer, a developer, learning as a student or even trying out lucid dreaming.

Pet Tracking

GPS tracking collar for pets is your best insurance for keeping an eye on your furry little pet even when you're not in eye range. Whistle, for example, runs without a monthly fee, this soft rubber collared device does simply what's advertised - keep a constant check on your pet. The app alongside makes the process easier to find out if your pet is in motion or not.

Fitness assistant

FitBit isn't the only fitness wearable in town. Underarmour offers the same basic heart beat monitoring capabilities, sleep quality, step count, music control, alarm, and inactivity alerts along with phone call logs. Not only does the constant check help track your regime more finely, but also ensure that the customized calculation reach goals faster.

Swallow-able technology?

If you've ever been unlucky enough to be advised an endoscopy, you'd know how horribly traumatizing the medical procedure can be. Used to detect anything from ulcers to stomach cancer, endoscopy follows sticking a huge tube with an end of a camera down your throat, all under minimal to low anaesthesia. This could soon be history, with the commercial launch of products like Pill Cam - a micro sized camera pill which is swallowed and follows the natural course of disposal, minus any hospital admission, transmitting its images wirelessly. Digital medicine may soon replace several traditional medical procedures.

Adult Toys

If the fitness industry could tap in on the wearables boom, could the adult industry be far behind? Forget old school sex toys. Wearables could redefine what virtual sex is all about, adding another layer of control and intimacy in the act. Wearable sex toys like OhMiBod, a WiFi control vibrator seeks to stick to your privates and can be control virtually by your partner, even a thousand miles away. Combine it with a 3D webcam (or even better, a VR headset and a 360 degree VR cam recorder), and it's the next best thing to actually being in person. And if you've ever bewailed the fact that there's no FitBit for your vagina, you're in luck. Meet Oh-Dometer and the Elvie -- new products to track the activity down there, and even give you a workout!

What do you guys think? How close would you allow technology on (or inside) your body? Let us know in the comments on our Facebook page at Entrepreneur India

Rustam Singh


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